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Kang Seulgi

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Kang Seulgi

"Unnie!! Jimin oppa is sick!!" Yeri came in while showing the article to me.

I look at her weirdly.

"Uh why do you tell me?" I ask but honestly deep down I care.

"Ha ha unnie , you act like you don't care but I know you do. It's not like I've known you yesterday" Yeri said.

I laugh nervously.

"Go text him okay, by the way they are having concert in Macau" Yeri wink at me and went out.

I sigh. Should I or should not? I took out my phone and type out his name on my contact. It will be a lie if I don't miss him and it's been a long time since we text or call.

Kang Seulgi: "Jimin-ah gwenchana? I heard you're sick. Get well soon and congrats on your tour :)."

"Ya Seulgi! I have made dinner, let's eat together" Wendy said.

I nod my head , put my phone down and head to the dining room.

Once I sat down, all eyes were on me. I look at them confuse.

"Bwo?" I ask

"Well ddeulgi did you text him?" Irene unnie ask.

How do they know?

"Uh aniya. Wae?" I lied.

"Oh really? Well uh 'Jimin-ah gwenchana? heard you're sick. Get well soon and congrats on your tour. :)' ".

My eyes widen.

"Wa..it u....nnie ho...w do.. you kn..ow? I stutter.

"Uri unnie aigoo, you send to the wrong chat. You basically send to our group chat instead of sending it to Jimin oppa " Yeri explain and the rest laugh.

I was shock and quickly take my phone, I went to check and instead of sending it to him I send it to my members. That's the reason why he didn't text me back. I grab my phone and went outside.

"Hehe mian, I didn't know it was sent to you guys" I said.

They shook their head and continue to eat. I send Jimin that text and went to eat.

Park Jimin

"Hyung gwenchana?" Jungkook ask

I nod my head. The rest of the members went towards me and ask me if  I am okay.

"I am fine guys, don't worry about me okay let's just go on with the concert" I said.

They look at me worried but I gave them a smile signalling I am okay. It hurts me for not being able to dance on the stage with the members but I know it is for my own good.

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