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Bae Irene

"That's it for today! Rest well! " The director said.

I bowed to the staffs. I went to change and grab my stuff to go.

"Annyeong Noona!"

I startled.

"Mian I didn't mean to" Taehyung said.

"Gwenchana" I smiled.

"By the way where are you going?" He ask

"Back to the dorm , how about you?"

"Same. Uh noona you free now?" He ask

"I guess. My manager hasn't call me yet so I think she has meeting. Why?" I ask

"Ani. I thought of inviting you for lunch , if you don't mind." He explained.

"Sure" I smiled.

We both went to the same cafe and order our food and drinks. While waiting for our food to come, we talk while getting to know each other.

"Uh noona , are you into anyone?" He suddenly ask.

My eyes widen.

"I guess" I blurted out.

"Oh, who is that lucky guy? Is it Bogum hyung?" He wriggle his eyebrows.

I chuckle.

"Um nope. It's you" I mumbled the last few sentence.

"I'm sorry what was it?" He ask

"Nothing. Oh here comes the food" I changed the topic.

Once we are done eating. Taehyung being the gentlemen walked with me until the carpark.

"Kamsah Hamidah" I bow to him

"Ah gwenchana" He said.

"Oh that is my manager. I got to go bye tae tae" I said.

He look at me confused.

"Well that's what I am gonna call you now, if you don't mind" I shyly said.

"Ah okay. Baechu noona?"

I nod my head.

We bid goodbye.

At the dorm

I was ironing Yeri school uniform when I receive a text from an uknown person.

Uknown: "Anneyong noona"

Bae Irene: "Uh who is this?"

Uknown: "Oh I almost forgot. I am taehyung hii"

Bae Irene: "Ah. Taehyung , how did you get my number?"

Change contact name to Tae Tae

Tae Tae: "Seulgi noona gave it to Jimin since I wanted your number, hope you are okay with it"

Bae Irene: "Ah , yes I am okay with it 😌 . Anyways I am busy right now I will talk to you next time okay. Goodnight sweet dreams  oh and thank you for the lunch just now. Let' s have it next time when we meet aye 😊"

Tae Tae: "Oh sorry to disturb. I have a good time too ,  let's have lunch together next time👍. Bye Noona . Goodnight 😉"

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