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Hi Guys.

Well I am not so sure if you guys are complicated with the story line. Well let me just help you guys with it :) So basically on prev chapters , BangtanVelvet has been meeting each other on diffrent occasion. And as the chapters goes they will be meeting each other oftently.

Like how V and Irene is  acting on the same drama , Yeri and Jungkook is on the same variety show , Jimin and Seulgi will always meet eventhough they didn't plan at all.

I am really sorry if the storyline is confusing.

Hint for chap 7 : It will be about V and Irene so #Vrene  shippers get ready 😉

If you guys have any question do ask me on the comments section.

Kamsah Hamidah
Thank you ❤

Kamsah HamidahThank you ❤

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