Chapter 13. Meeting A New Friend.

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When I opened the door to the siting room, which is really the library. I saw a girl with long dark brown hair pulled into a pony tail: wearing jeans and a blue T-shirt with a bronze Raven on it. She also had a small sliver star painted above her eyelid. She was sitting in a chair by the bookcase, reading a book. "Hello." I said as I came into the room. "Hi." She said and looked up from her book, she then said. "Sorry about hurting you. I usually don't do that sort of thing. I'm Alexandria by the way, we're in the same Hogwarts house. But I'm sure you've never seen me before, I can bland in very well, so you most likely haven't seen me around the common room and school." She said all this pretty quickly, so it took me a second to respond.

"It's okay, it wasn't your fault. And nice to meet you, I'm Mary Dragonwood. And how is it that in all my four years of being at Hogwarts I have never seen you?" I asked her as I sat down in a chair across from hers. "I'm a Metamorpmagus, so I can change my apprentice to whatever I want. I would usually change what I looked like so I didn't have to deal with anyone being afraid of me because if who my sister is and what she has done. Normally at school I had long black hair with purple stripes in it, and I had bright blue eyes. So you may have seen me around, but that was so I could be left alone and not have everyone be so afraid of me." She told me. "I have seen you around before then!" I realized. "I remember you always kept to yourself, other then talking with those tow other girls. What were their names again? Sara and Abby? Safire and Ella?" I asked. "Safire and Sara. They are like me." Alexandria replied. "That's right! They sisters aren't they? Twins. Wait- what do you mean 'they are like me'?" I asked her as I looked at her puzzled. "Nothing forget I said anything about that, even through I'm sure you will find out in due time." Alexandria said as she tried to change the topic, I would let this drop for now, but I wasn't going to forget what she said.

"So, you're an Animagus." I stated. "Yup, and you are too?" She asked. "Yup." I said. "What's that? Around your neck?" She asked as she looked at my neckless my mother had given me. "My mother give it to me, it let's me know when I'm nearing someone I'm looking for." I told her. "That's brilliant." She said with a smile. "Yeah." I said looking fondly at my neckless. "Dinner!" Mrs. Weasley shouted up the stairs. Which was soon followed by Mrs. Black's screams. "Oh, for the love of Merlin Pants! Shut up you old hag!" I heard my father yell, I chuckled at that as Alexandria and I stood up and walked to the door. "Who is making that awful screaming?" Alexandria asked me as we walked down the stairs. "That would be my grandmother. She put a painting in the hall that no one can remove, she likes to shout out insults at anyone who walks by." I said as the screaming stopped.

"Is there another name I could call you? Besides Alexandra? It's just a bit of a handful to say all the time." I asked. "You could call me Ally, everyone else does." She replied. "Okay. Wait- when you're in your Animagus form, do you have any markings?" I asked as I stopped at the end of the stairs and looked at her. "I have a spot that looks like a star around my right eye, why?" She replied/asked looking at me confused. "Because I just thought of your marauder name!" I said excited. "What's a 'marauder name'?" She asked me. "I'll tell you later, right now I want to know what you think about.... Starlight." I waited for her reaction, her face broke into a huge smile. "I love it!" She said happily. "I'm glad. The star is because you have a star around your right eye, and the light is because you are lighthearted, you wouldn't hurt someone just because you feel like it." I explained. "Lovely. Do you have a, what did you call it? Marauder name?" She asked. "Yes. It's Shadow." I replied as we walked into the kitchen. "That's really cool." She said. "Thanks." I said with a smile.

"There you are, we thought Kreacher had gotten you!" Fred Weasley said jokingly as we came into the room. "Sorry, got sidetracked. And why would he do such a thing?" I asked him as I sat down next to Ginny and Ally sat next to me. "Because he's Kreacher." He replied simply. I just rolled my eyes and started fulling my bowl up with Mrs. Weasley's amazing soup. "Thank you Mrs. Weasley, it looks and tastes wonderful!" I said after I swallowed a spoonful of it. "Yeah, it really is great. Thanks Mrs. Weasley." Ally told her as well with a grin. "Thank you dears." Mrs. Weasley said with a huge smile as she got herself a bowl as well. "Already started eating without me?" Sirius asked as he came into the room with a small frown. "Well, we weren't sure as to weather or not you were going to grace us with your company since you haven't been out if your room all day and I couldn't very well let these children starve, now could I?" Mrs. Weasley said to him rather coldly. "Well your here now and that's what matters." Remus cut in before Sirius could reply. I wonder what that whole thing was about, I'd have to ask someone about it later.

My father sat down at the other end of the table next to Remus and across of Harry, who he then begone to talk to. "We are so having a sleepover tonight. Ginny and I need to get to know you better Ally, you need to know us better too. And I think that's exactly what Gin needs to take her mind off of what's going on. So, how about it?" I whispered to Ally. "I agree." She replied with a huge grin, I grinned back and tuned to Ginny, who was picking at a peace of bread. "Hey Ginny? You up for a sleepover with Ally and I?" I asked her softly. "Okay, you know what? That sounds brilliant!" She said a little happier. "Great! After dinner we'll head up and let the party begin!" I said really excited now. She actually smiled at that.

And so after dinner, Ally, Ginny and I all headed upstairs and got changed. Little did we know that there was something waiting for us when we got there, or I should I say, someone.


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