Chapter 6. Last Day at Grimmauld Place (Part 2)

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I am sitting on my bed and I am going mad! I have nothing to do!' "Why don't you pack your trunk?" Ginny suggested as she herself was packing her trunk. "Already done. Besides, I can't pack anymore till I find out what I need this year." I told her. Gin was about to say something when Hermione burst into the room waving three letters in her hand. "They're here! They've finally came! Our Hogwarts letters!" She said handing Gin and I ours.

"Finally! We've been waiting for ages!" I said and I ripped open the letter, I read the list the told me what I needed. "Oh. My GOD!" Hermione shouted as something fell to the floor. I looked up as Gin picked up the thing that had fallen. "No way. You're a Prefect!" She gasped. "Well done Hermione!" I said hyping off of my bed and hugging her. "Th- thanks." She said, with the biggest smile on her face. "Ohhhh, I wonder if Harry's been made a Prefect too! I better go and see!" With that Hermione took back her badge and ran out of the room.

About 5 minutes later, Mrs. Weasley came into the room. "Fred and George said that the letters have come. If you two give me your letters I'll go and get your school supplies." She told us, Ginny give her mum her letter and then left the room. Mrs. Weasley looked at me with a smile. "If you don't mind, may I come with you?" I asked. "Sure dear, I just have to get Ron, Harry and Hermione's letters, then we can go." She said with a big smile and left to get the others letters.

She returned about 3 minutes later grinning like mad. "Ready to go dear?" She asked me. "Yup! I take it you found out about Hermione being a Prefect?" I asked her as we walked down stairs. "Yes, and Ron is also a Prefect! That's everyone one in the family." She replied proudly. "I'm so happy for them both! My mum was a Prefect you know, and Head Girl." I said. We got to the front door and Mrs. Weasley opened it, I walked though it and Mrs. Weasley stepped outside and and closed the door behind her, then we set out for Diagon Alley.

In Diagon Alley.

"Thank you." I said as I took my bag of my new books from the man behind the counter. Mrs. Weasley and I had spelt up so that it wouldn't take as long shopping. So far I had gotten, all my new books, all of the things I needed to get for Potions, a new set of house robes, and a new cauldron. I still had about 10 minutes till I was to meet up with Mrs. Weasley, I tried to think of something to do for those 10 minutes.

I then got an idea, I've been wanting a pet since I started school, my mum said that I could get one when I was older. Well I'm older now, and I don't have my mum to talk to, so looks like I'm getting myself a pet! I walked over to the pet store and and went inside. I saw that there were all kinds if owls when you first walk into the shop, then there were cats, then rats and todd's "Hullo, how can I help you?" Said a kind looking witch from behind the counter. "Hello. I'm trying to find a pet, but I'm not sure what kind I want." I said.

"Well, would you like a Todd? Or maybe a rat?" She asked as she came from behind the counter. "I don't want either of those." I said. "Well would you like an owl?" She asked. "I like owls, but I want something that I can keep in my dorm, I don't want to have to leave my dorm to go and see my pet. So i think I want a cat." I said as we both walked over to where the cats were. "Understandable." She said. I looked at all the cats, there were lots of them, but one caught my eye. It was a black almost a dark blue calico kitten, and it had little white dots on it, so it looked like a night sky. "How much for this one?" I asked the lady, as the cat played with my finger.

"5 Galleons. She's gorgeous isn't she? We got her three weeks ago." The lady said. "Yes she is, I'll take her." I said smiling. The lady smiled and lifted the kitten off of it's bed. "Have a good year at school sweetheart and have fu with your kitten!" The lady said after I had bought my new cat and I was opening the door. "Thank you!" I said and left to meet Mrs. Weasley. I had bought a cage and a bed for my kitten and a collar, she's looks so cute!

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