Chapter 19. Of Dances and Dresses.

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~*~*~2 years later*~*~*~

I sighed and tossed the book I was holding back into it's pile. It's been 2 years since I traveled back in time and I still haven't been able to find a way back to my own time. I've tried using my neckless but it's no use, all it does is glow a bit and get hot. Ally and I haven't spoken to each other since that day, we have drifted apart. It's her last year here and I can tell she's going to miss it at the castle, I may not be her friend anymore but I still care about her. I can tell she loves it here in this time, and Professor Ravenclaw has taken a liking to her. As for me, I've become pretty good friends with Arabella, Lucy and Rena. But I still wish Ally would talk to me and help.

"What are you looking for? You've read these books millions of times and you haven't found anything before." Asked Lucy as she came and took a seat next to me. "None of your business." I replied and stood, I took the pile of books and went to put them away. "What's this? 'A History Of Time Makers'? What's a Time Maker?" She asked as she grabbed one of the books. I love Lucy, but she's too noise for her own good. "A book. And none of your business." I said as I put the other books in their rightful places and strode up to her, I took the book and went to put it away. "Well then!" She said sassily and flopped into a chair. "Oh, Professor Slytherin told me to tell you he wishes for you to come to his office." She told me as I made my way back to her. "Fine. Any clue as to what he wants?" I asked her as I went to the desk I had been at and began to gather my things. "Not one." She said and stood, why couldn't she just sit still already? "Well, I shall see you later." I said and headed out of the library. "See you later." She sang as I left.

I shook my head and sighed, she reminds me of Ginny. I thought to myself sadly, I wonder what has been happening in my own time, wonder if my dad went looking for me. I shook those thoughts away as I came to Professor Slytherin's office, I walked to the door and knocked. "Enter." Came his voice. I pushed the door open and stepped inside, I then waited for him to tell me to take a seat. "You may have a seat." He said and I took the seat in front of his desk. "You wanted to see me Headmaster?" I asked with a poker face, one thing I have learned being a Slytherin: don't let to many emotions show. "Yes, you see we will be having a ball here at Hogwarts. And each of us are to have two of our students dance on behalf of their house, and I was hoping you would take part in this." Professor Slytherin told/asked me.

"I would love to Headmaster. If you don't mind my asking, who shall I be dancing with?" I asked him curiously. "Lincoln Mason." He replied. My mouth fell open. Link was a 7th year, he had black hair, blue eyes and always had girls trailing after him in the halls. "Problem?" Professor Slytherin asked with a frown. "No Sir, I just don't know how to dance is all." I said quickly, it was a lie of course, I knew how to dance and I was rather good, but he needn't know that. "Oh, well I'm sure Mr. Mason would be glad to help you learn, the ball is in a week, so that should be plenty of time." He said and took his quill and a pace of parchment, he then began writing. "Thank you Sir. Is that all? It is rather late and I do have class tomorrow." I asked/said. "Yes. You may go, goodnight Miss Jefferson." He told me and I stood. "Goodnight Headmaster." I then exited his office.

In the past two years, I've gotten on his good side, he favors me and I know it. In the first month of me being here, I discovered the hidden entrance to The Chamber of Secrets, I also discovered what lay inside of it, thankfully just by researching it. I knew that there was some kind of magic in there, something no one of else knew about, but I had yet to discover what it was, however, I did have a feeling it would help me get home. I was so lost in thought I hadn't realized where I was going. I stopped and looked at the familiar bronze door knocker, I had walked all the way up to Ravenclaw tower. I sighed and turned to leave, heading back down the many stairs.

    ~*~*~*~*~next day*~*~*~*~*

"So, any clue as to what sort of dance we shall be doing?" I asked Lincoln as we sat in an empty classroom. Link had come to me this morning, he said that Professor Slytherin asked him to teach me how to dance, surprisingly he seemed rather happy to teach me. I didn't expect that, I had thought him to be rather stuck-up and snobby, but he wasn't either of those things, he was actually very nice and sweet. "Lily? Lilyyyy? Lily!" He shouted waving a hand in front of my face. I jerked back in my seat and fell out of the chair. "What?" I asked rather embarrassed as I got back up and sat back down. "I said that we are to be doing a waltz." He replied laughing a bit. "Okay. And stop laughing at me!" I said as I glared at him playfully. "Fine." He said as he calmed himself down. "Okay, so let's begin, we don't have a lot of time to teach you, but don't worry you'll get it." He said as he stood and held out his hand. I shock my head in amusement and took his out stretched hand and stood.

"I just wish we had known, it would've been nice to have more then a week's notice." I said as we cleared away the chairs and desks, putting them up against the wall. "I agree but we didn't, so we'll just have to deal with what we got." He said as he put the last chair against the wall and turned towards me, he then walked over. "Do you know how to waltz?" He asked. "No." I lied. "Well, you will be the time we're done for the day." He said confidently. I just smiled at him. And with that he took my hand and he begun to teach me how to waltz.


I looked at Arabella as she showed us her fourth dress. "You look wonderful." I told her with a smile. "Yes, I think that's the perfect dress for you." Lucy added. "Can we be finished now?" Asked Rena. When I had gotten back from my lesson with Link, Arabella had revealed that she, Lucy, Rena and I were to meet with the dress maker that Professors Ravenclaw and Hufflpuff had hired. There were may dresses that had been already made for the rest of the students such as Lucy, Arabella and Rena. I had been told that I was to have a dress made for me, the ones who had been chosen to dance in the name of their Houses were to all dress the same, just in their House colors. I was told that my dress would be on my bed the day of the ball, it wasn't done yet according to the dressmaker. Lucy had found a rose colored dress that she looked very nice in,

Rena had found a black and white dress that she looked great in. And Arabella, well she just kept saying that all the dress weren't her style, but this dress that she was wearing now seemed to be the one for her, it was a dark purple with little sliver stars on it. "I like this one, I think I'll get it." She said after looking at herself in the mirror. And with that, they all got their dresses and then we headed to the Great Hall for dinner.


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