Chapter 10. Quidditch and AHHHHHHH! I'M A DOG!

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Today it is Quidditch tryouts! I'm sitting in the stands watching the tryouts with Josefine and Luna. Tony and his friends are waiting their turn to try out. Rosalie was currently trying out for chaser, she was doing really well, she had already gotten 10 goals. Tony was trying out for chaser as well, he's trying out after Rose is done. His friends Micky Johnson (who was trying out for chaser also) Robbert Jackson and Olive Patterson were trying out for keeper.

"Great job Rose! Now come back down." Yelled the Quidditch Caption to Rose, who had just gotten her 14th goal  she landed gracefully in front of Tony and said something to him, me being as far as I am from them I couldn't hear what it was she said, my guess is that she said "Good luck chipmunk! And remember Chocolate Frogs are not real frogs! Have fun!" Or something like that. Tony took off into the air.

"Good! Come down now!" Yelled the Caption to Tony, and he came down. Tony had gotten 13 goals and Mick (who had already tried out before Rose) had gotten 12 goals. Rose, Tony, Mick and a 7th year boy by the name of Jefferson Michele (who tried out before Mick.) had to get the ball past the keepers who were trying out. In total there were 4 chasers trying out, and 4 keepers trying out. Rose missed 10 goals and had gotten 14 goals, and she was trying out against a 6th year girl named Nicole Patrick.

Tony missed 8 goals and had gotten 13 goals, he was trying out against a 5th year boy named Joey Markus. Mick had missed 11 goals and had gotten 12 goals, he tried out against Robbert. And Jefferson had missed 15 goals and gotten 6 goals, he tried out against Olive. "Alright, you all did very well. There will be a list on the board in Ravenclaw common room tomorrow, saying who is on the team. Thank you all for trying out!" Said the Caption and wit that everyone went they're separate ways. Josefine, Luna and I left the stands and headed back toward the castle, and everyone who had tried out headed to the showers.

"Soooooooooooo, what should we do for the rest of our night?" Asked Josefine as we walked into the Great Hall. "How about we finish our homework." I said as we sat down at the Ravenclaw table, and I got a plate and started putting food onto it. "Fine, but I don't have a lot of homework. Just the assignment for Umbridge." Said Josefine with a sigh. Luna and Josefine had gotten themselves plates and filled them very high with chicken, turkey, green-beans, corn and mashed potatoes. Luna had also gotten herself a bowl of soup. My plate had chicken, mashed potatoes, green-beans (lots of them) corn and broccoli.

"Hey guys." Said Rose as she came and sat next to me, and got a plate and put food onto it. "Hey. You did really well out there!" Said Josefine wit a smile. "Thanks!" Rose said smiling back. "So what's the plain for the rest of the night?" She asked as she took a fork full of turkey with mashed potatoes on it. "Homework." I answered. "Yay!" She said. Rose loves homework, unlike Luna and Josefine. I don't mind homework but I would be so happy if I didn't have to do it, but when you think about it, it's a small price to pay when you go to a magic school.

So after we finished our dinner and had desert, we headed up to Ravenclaw tower. "Where's Tony? I didn't see him at dinner." I said as Luna, Josefine, Rose and I went up the stairs to our dorm and got our school bags. "I think I saw him in the common room with Olive." Said Josefine as we made our way back down stairs. I came to a sudden stop in front of Rose when I saw Tony and Olive sitting at the very table that Isabella and I had our fight, Tony and Olive were leaning across the table, kissing!

I don't know why, but I dropped my backpack that I had been holding and ran from the staircase and across the room to the door which I pushed open and began running. I heard my friends calling my name asking what was wrong, but I didn't stop running. I felt tears fall from my eyes as I ran, and ran. I'm not really sure were I was going but I knew that I couldn't be in Ravenclaw tower. When I had stopped running I realized that I was outside of Hogwarts, I had run all the way to the front of the forbidden forest. That's when I heard it, my mothers voice. It was far away, but I could hear it as if she was right in front of me. My neckless began to heat up.

Without thinking, I ran into the forest. Deeper and deeper I ran, there was light no light now. And yet I could still see perfectly fine, as if I had those muggle googles that made it so you could see in the dark, built into my eyes. My mothers voice grew louder and louder as did the heat in my neckless as I ran deeper into the forest. Then I came into a clearing, there was a tree the parted into two trees, it looked like an archway. My mothers voice had stopped now. I looked around confused, then I saw something white move between the tree archway. A hand, I realized as I saw it again. Then the owner of the hand showed itself, it was a woman. Not just any woman though. "Mum?" I asked with my mouth falling open, as she came and floated in front of me.  "Yes." She said with a sad smile.

"How?" Was all I asked, as tears fell from my eyes. "I was killed. I'm so sorry Mary. I wish I could have told you when I was alive, but I have to tell you now." She said. "Tell me what?" I asked, there was a lump in my throat which made it very hard to talk. "You are not normal Mary, not a normal witch I mean to say. You, Mary are what is called a Time Maker." She told me. I just stared at her. "A what?" I asked. I was very confused now. "A Time Maker, you can travel though time and you are able to actually make time. Like, say if you wanted to have a longer day, you could make more hours in a day. You could make a new dimension." She explained.

"So, I would be able to go back in time and save you? Before you were killed I mean." I asked, I began to feel hopeful at the thought of getting To see my mum when she wasn't all see-through. "No. You aren't able to stop someone's death, it's a faxed point, and if you stopped the faxed point from happing bad things will happen. I am alright, though I miss you dearly, you can't save me. I am in a wonderful place, it's where we Time Maker's go after we die." She told me. "I will never see you again, will I?" I asked my mum, but I had a feeling that I already knew that answer.

"One day, in a long, long time from now, we will see each other again. Till then know this, you are not alone. You will always have someone who loves you and will help you if you ask for their help. And remember this, The Ones That Love Us Never Really Leave Us, You Can Always Find Them, In Here." She said and pointed at my heart. "Goodbye my love." She said and then she vanished, and I was alone. My neckless began to get very hot, then I screamed. Not because of the neckless, but because of the hurt, sadness and anger that I was feeling towards my mum. "Why is it that everyone I care about ends up leaving me?" I asked myself.

I heard yelling not to far away. "MARRRYYYYYYYYY! WHERE ARE YOUUUUU?! PLEASE! LET ME EXPLAIN!" It was Tony who was yelling. "There's nothing to explain. I get it, you like Olive not me." I mumbled to myself. I started to run toward were the yelling was coming from, then I felt something strange in my body. Then I was no longer running on two legs, I was ruing on all fours. I stopped running  looked down the best I could and saw that my body had fur all over it, I was a dog! "MARY! Oh, hello there. You lost or something?" Tony said as he came in view. I tried to tell him that it was me, Mary. But I found that all that came out of my mouth was a bark. "Funny, you have the same color eyes as my friend Mary." Tony said frowning.

Then I got an idea, I went back the way I had come and found what I was looking for, and just as I had thought he would, Tony had followed me. "Wait, these are Mary's clothes and her wand. What happened here?!" Tony asked me, my dog eyebrows just went up. "Right, your a dog you can't talk... Wait. Same eye color, you have a marking on your neck that's in the shape of a neckless with a Raven on it. Mary?!" He said looking at me with his mouth hanging open an his eyes were wade. I shook my head up and down. "How did this happen?" He asked. I just looked at him. "Oh right. We should go see Professor McGonagall, she should know what happened to you and how to change you back. Come on, Mary." And he started to walk away. I barked and he stopped turned around, I pointed my head toward my wand and he nodded and picked it up. Then we broke into a run back to the castle.


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