Chapter 12. The Cheetah.

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"Wake up." Someone told me as I was shaken awake. "Hey, I was sleeping!" I said annoyed as the parson knocked me out of the bed, I fell onto the floor with a loud thud. "Funny, it looked like you were falling out of your bed." They said with a laugh. I couldn't see who was talking as I was lying face down on the floor and the parson was on the other said of the bed, but it was a girl speaking. I pushed myself up off the floor and stood up, then I looked at the girl across from me: she had wavy black hair that was pulled up in a high ponytail with a little sliver moon charm hairband, startling grey eyes almost sliver, she was wearing black lipstick and had black eyeshadow with little sliver dots on the corners of her eyelids. For her choice in clothes: she was wearing a grey shirt with a black leather jacket over it, a black skirt that went to just above the knee with black stockings and black high heeled boots. She looked to be about 17 or 18 years old. "Who in Merlin's beard are you?!" I asked her alarmed. I knew for a fact that Lupin nor my father would let someone dressed like this in the house without making me a where of it. The girl smiled, showing off rather pointed teeth and replied. "My name is Josie Bane. You are Mary Lily Alison Dragonwood, daughter of Sirius Black and Lucy Dragonwood." My eyes widened. "How do you know my and my parents names?" I asked more alarmed then before. Her smile only widened. "Well, you See Mary. I know all about you, who your friends are, who you have a crush on, and I know that you would do anything to protect anyone one of them. So, why don't you make this easy and just get dressed and come with me." Josie told me. "Who sent you." I said as calmly as I could, and tried to ignore what she just told me. This girl was definitely working for someone.

"Very good Lily, but you shouldn't have asked me that, when you know the answer." She said with a smirk as she reached onto my nightstand and grabbed my wand, which I had put there last night. "Greyback, that's who you work for, isn't it." I stated. "Bingo. Now, we really must be going. And I have to say, you're taking too long. Stupefy!" She yelled and waved my wand. "This is not happing today!" I said exasperated, and dodged the spell by ducking next to the bed, I then turned into 'Shadow' and crouched down then crawled under the bed. "Why must you make this hard?" Josie sighed annoyed and I could see her boots go around to the other side of the bed, I took this as my chance to get outta here so I peeked out from under the bed so that I could see the door. Then I focused on it hard, hoping that the magic I had before I got my wand when I was eleven would show itself once more. Thankfully it did, and the door opened just enough for me to fit through it. I slipped through the door and and raced down the stairs, "Wha-? No! Ally!!" I heard Josie yelp then I could hear her foot steps behind me. My guess is she saw me slip out of the room, I had no idea who this Ally was but I didn't want to find out. I thought it a good idea to bark a lot, knowing that someone would hear me. Sure enough, my father met me at the bottom of the stairs. I was about to leap over the last few stairs, but when I jumped I got knocked into the railing of the stairs in mid jump and fell through it onto the hall way floor. I heard myself whimper as I went to stand back up, I had moved my head and my neck felt like it was on fire, so I just laid back down as I watched what happened on the stairs. My father had turned into his dog form and was growling at a cheetah, who wasn't attacking but looked like it was ready to defend itself should it have to. Mean  while Remus had heard what was going on and was now leaning over me, putting enough pressure on my neck that it didn't cut off my breathing, but didn't feel good either. While I had no idea as to why he was doing that. "Stupefy!!" Remus yelled and the spell hit the cheetah and he said the spell a second time, hitting Josie who I just saw was standing behind the cheetah. Her eyes widened as she saw the spell coming, but she didn't have time to move as it hit her right in the chest and she feel to the floor with a thud.

"Sirius." Remus said looking at my father, who turned his fury head. He eyes were hard and cold but when they met mine they softened and he ran through a doorway, only to reappear seconds later as his human self in a brown fluffy bathrobe. "I'll take her to her room, you take care of those two and call Dumbledore." Sirius said coming over to us, and picking me up. "Will do." Remus said and got up and walked over to Josie and the cheetah, then he used his wand to move them down stairs. "Are you able to get back to your human form? Otherwise I'm sure Dumbledore can when he gets here." Sir- I mean father asked me as he carried me up the stairs to my room. I just whimpered in reply. My neck was killing me, my head began to feel light and then I passed into unconsciousness.

~*~*~time skip~*~*~

"Mary, wake up." I heard the voice of Ginny Weasley say and I was shaken awake slightly. I opened my eyes and saw that she was sitting next to me on my bed. "Your dad is very unhappy with Josie and Alexandria Bane." She told me when she saw that I was awake. "Who's Alexandria?" I asked Ginny confused as I carefully sat up. "She's Josie's sister. Josie goes to school in America, and Alexandria goes to school with us at Hogwarts, she's in Ravenclaw as a 5th year." Ginny answered. "I don't remember ever meeting her." I said with a frown. "That's because she doesn't talk to anyone other then her sister and the professors." Ginny went on. "Wait, when did you get here?" I asked her as I remembered what had happened before I passed out. "Last night. Ron, Harry, Fred, George, and I got here for Christmas break. Oh yeah, my dad's in St. Mungo's." She said a little upset at the end. "1. How long have I been asleep? And 2. What?!!" I said horrified as I looked at her, hoping she was joking, even through I knew she wasn't joking.

"1. You've been asleep for three days according to Lupin. And 2. My dad got attacked by a sneak, he's doing okay through, I think we're going to go visit him soon." She assured me. "Okay. I'm going to go down stairs and talk to my father, see you in a few." I told her as I got off the bed, I noticed quickly that it wasn't the best idea. As soon as I had gotten up, I saw black spots in forint of my eyes and I felt very lightheaded. "You ok?" Ginny asked my as she came up next to me and held onto my arm to help steady me. "Yeah, just stood up too fast. Thanks." I told her as I regained my balance. "Good. Oh and I think you should take a look at yourself before you go down stairs, I don't want you to be surprised as to why some people will look at you strangely." Ginny said and she pulled me toward the full sized mirror in the corner of the room. I looked at my reflation and my eyes widened and I gasped. I didn't really look like myself: my hair that was once black, was now a light brown with a black tent to it. My eyes which had been a light green were now brown, and I was wearing grey sweat pants, with a dark blue zip up hoodie and a dark green t shirt under it. "What happened to my hair and eyes?" I asked Ginny as I turned around to face her. "Not sure, you should ask your dad or Lupin through." She said with a shrug. "I'm going down now." I said and headed for the door. "See ya in a few." Gin said. "Yeah, see ya." I said as I left.


"Explain." I said to no one really as I walked into the room full of people. "Josie Bane is gone now, Dumbledore took her to the Ministry and they locked her up." Tonks was the one to answer from her spot sitting on a table. "Okay, now explain to me what happened to me." I said. "That cheetah was Josie's sister Alexandria, Josie was trying to catch you and we have no clue why. But Alexandria was not trying to harm you, we learned that she was under the Imperius Curse, she scratched your neck, which caused you to be unconscious for three days. I have seen into the mind of Alexandria Bane and know that she doesn't wish to harm anyone of us and will keep the secret of this house and Sirius. I would like for you Miss Dragonwood, to befriend her and she is an Animagus, that is how she was able to turn into a cheetah." Dumbledore told me from the head of the table Tonks was sitting at. "Okay, that's answered a lot of my thoughts. Where's my dad?" I asked. "He's in his room, I think it best to leave him alone right now. He's not in the best of moods." Remus told me. I nodded and looked around the room to see who was here, most of the Order was here. "Did I interrupt a meeting?" I asked just thinking about the fact that I most probably did. "Yup, buts it's fine." Tonks  said with a grin. "How about you go and meet Miss Bane? She's in the sitting room." Dumbledore said. "Sure." I said and began to leave the room, only to stop in the doorway and turn around. "One more question, how come my hair and eye colors have changed?" I asked. "That, I believe, is something you should asked Miss Bane. Pip pip Miss Dragonwood." Dumbledore told me and with that I headed to the sitting room to meet Alexandria Bane.


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