A/N. "The Cheetahs Return."

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Hey guys! So I just posted the sequel to this book, it's called The Cheetahs Return. The prologue is up and the first chapter should be up written the next few days.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know that and also I wanted to say thank you so, so much for reading The Daughter of Sirius Black. Thank you to those you who have been reading since the very beginning, thank you to those of you who have recently begun reading this book, thank you to those who have been voting and commenting (it doesn't go unnoticed), and thank you all so much for everything. I really enjoyed writing this book and I am really going to miss writing about Mary Dragonwood, but who knows, maybe one day I'll write another chapter or two about what happened to her. Thanks for 850 vote.

Anyways, it is time to officially finish this book.

Bye my dears,

I am TheWhovianHalfBlood, and I am signing out on The Daughter Of Sirius Black.

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