Chapter 20. It's Not Over, For It Has Only Just Begun.

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I looked in the mirror and took another deep breath and fixed my dress yet again, tonight was the Ball and I was very nervous. My dress had arrived this morning after my first class, it was stunning, the dressmaker had really outdone herself. The dress was dark green with black lace straps, it had small glittery sliver specks on it, and it had a sliver corset over the dress. I was excited to see how Link looked. "Are you ready?" Asked Arabella as she finished doing her hair. "Yes." "Yup." Were Lucy and Rena's replies. "Almost, just have to fixe this curl that keeps falling out." I said and took my wand, I waved it saying the spell in my head, my hair fixed itself and I looked in the mirror and was pleased to see that my hair looked great, it was half up half down, and I had placed a dark green flower in it. I fixed my Raven neckless that was trying to turn backwards and looked one last time in the mirror. "Okay, I'm ready." I said as I turned to my bed and grabbed my dark green velvet cloak and put it on. "Let us go then!" Lucy said excitedly and she too put her cloak on and with that we all began our walk to the Great Hall.


"You look lovely, Lily." Link said with a smile as we walked into the hall, and saw everyone waiting to enter the Great Hall. "Thank you, but you haven't even seen my dress yet." I said with a smile and a laugh. "Your welcome and I know but you look lovey, here let me help you with that." He said and helped me out of my cloak. "Wow, you look stunning." He said as he saw my dress. "Thank you Link." I laughed. "Well, we better get into that Ball." Arabella said as she and her date, a 7th year Slytherin, Larry Morrison walked towards the doors. "You all go ahead, we have to wait here with the others." I told them. "Okay, see you in a bit then. Good luck." She said throwing a smile over her shoulder. "Thanks." Link and I said. Everyone started filling into the Great Hall, save for the other three pairs that were representing their houses.

I hadn't been told who was representing each house, so of course I took the time to see who they were. For Gryffindor it was a 7th year boy named Tyler Blackbeak, and a 6th year girl named Genevieve Lightheart. For Ravenclaw it was a 6th year boy named Aaron Lockheart, and- Ally. For Hufflpuff it was a 6th year boy named Malcolm Wood, and a 5th year girl named Sophia Bright. I couldn't believe Ally was apart of this, I knew she would be though, Professor Ravenclaw favors her very much. I was just shocked that we were this close, we haven't been within 100 feet of each since that day two years ago. I was happy to see her though, I just hoped that she wouldn't ignore me forever. Anyway, Gena, Ally and Sophia were wearing dresses like mine, only in their house colors.

Everyone else had gone into the Great Hall and now it was just Link, Tyler, Gena, Aaron, Ally, Malcolm and Sophia and I waiting in the hall. "When do you think we're meant to go in?" I asked Link quietly. "Now, if you would all give a warm welcome to those representing your school houses: For Gryffindor, we have Mr. Tyler Blackbeak and Miss Genevieve Lightheart." We heard Professor Hufflepuff say, then Tyler and Gena walked gracefully into the Great Hall and out of our sight. "For Ravenclaw, Mr. Aaron Lockheart and Miss Alexandria Jefferson." Professor Hufflepuff continued, and Aaron and Ally went into the Great Hall. "For Hufflepuff, Mr. Malcolm Wood and Sophia Bright." This time it was Professor Ravenclaw who spoke, and Malcolm and Sophia entered.. "And lastly, for Slytherin, Mr. Lincoln Mason and Miss Lily Jefferson." She continued, and with that, Link and I went into the Great Hall.

All the tables had been replaced with smaller ones, placed closer to the walls. There was a large space in the middle of the Hall that was the dance floor, Tyler, Gena, Aaron, Ally, Malcolm and Sophia were all standing on the dance floor, and I could tell they were all just waiting for the Headmasters and Headmistresses to tell us to dance. We had all been told where and how to stand until we began our waltz, Tyler got into a kneeling pose while Gena stood in front of him with her hands on her hips, her head looking over her shoulder and her right leg out in Tendu behind her. Aaron was standing a little ways away from Tyler and Gena in a keeling pose as well, Ally was standing with her hands clasped behind her back with her body facing away from Aaron, her head looking over her shoulder at him. Malcolm was also in a kneeling pose not to far from Ally and Aaron, Sophia was looking at him with her chin held high, her feet in first position and her hands on her hips. Link and I stood a feet from the others, Link on his knee and me standing with my foot in a Tendu behind me while I had one hand on my hip and the other at my side with my hand facing up toward the ceiling. The music began and with that, we all began to dance.

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