Chapter 4. Hello Harry.

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Today Harry Potter is coming to live at Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place. Everyone is excited, Ginny is the most excited to see him. Hermione had a talk with her and now Ginny is a little calmer about Harry coming, I have no clue what Hermione said to her, but I'm happy she talked to Gin.

For the past three days Mrs. Weasley has had us cleaning like mad! We cleaned the library, (Mrs. Weasley said that books should not smell like dead rats) we cleaned the upstairs living room, we cleaned the downstairs living room, and we cleaned the attic.

Today we are just cleaning the basement, which Mrs. Weasley said we will be using as the dinning room. The normal dinning room is not as big as the basement, do that's why we're using the basement as the new dinning room.

"So... Much... Worrrrkkkkk!" Ron said between gulps of better beer. We just finished cleaning the basement and now Fred and George were putting a big table in the middle of the room, while Mrs. Wesley, Hermione, Ginny and I were putting chairs around it.

Ron had flopped down on one of the chairs, after he had garbed a butter beer from upstairs. "Says the boy who leaves his poor brothers and mother and sister and her friends, to finish all the work." George said as he took Ron's butter beer and ran upstairs with it. "Hey!" Ron yelled as he pushed himself up and ran upstairs to get his butter beer back.

"I don't know how you have put up with them all your life." I said to Ginny who was laughing. "Mary do you want to help me make lunch. thank you!" Mrs. Weasley didn't give me any warning before she had grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs and into the kitchen.

"What's up?" I asked her as she handed me some bread, cheese and turkey. "I have to tell you something. Dumbledore doesn't want me to tell you, but you have a right to know." Mrs. Wesley told me. "What is it?" I asked her as I started to make sandwiches.

"You're mother was doing something for the Order when she went missing." She said. "I can't tell you what she was doing but I can tell you that she gave me this before she left, she told me to give it to you when you came here.

It was like she knew she wasn't coming back. I know that it must be hard on you, but I can't tell you anymore." Mrs. Weasley said as she handed me a small box. I finished making the sandwiches and I opened the box. Inside the box was a gold Raven neckless, the Raven had a clock on it's head. By the looks of it, the neckless has been passed through the family.

"Did she say anything else before she left?" I asked Mrs. Weasley as I took the neckless and put it on. "No, I'm sorry dear." She said as she grabbed a bowl and put several butter beers and put them into the bowl. "It's fine. Thank you for giving it to me."  I told her as I helped bring the food down the stairs.

"Yay! Food!" Fred yelled, him am everyone else came and got some sandwiches and butter beers. "When did you two get here?" I asked as Fred and George took a sandwich each. "We used our new magic." George replied. "Why couldn't you guys take me with you!" Ron said as he came into the room with his butter beer.

"They hid my butter beer with Sirius in his mums room!" Ron said to his mother as he grabbed a sandwich and sat down next to Hermione. I took a sandwich and a butter beer and sat next to Ginny.  Sirius came into the room a minute later.

"You all did really well in here. You can't even tell that it had once been covered in garbage." He said and he took a sandwich and sat down next to Fred, who was siting across from Ginny, Hermione, Ron and I. "Sirius? Why do you spend so much time in your mums room?" I asked.

Before he could reply Fred said. "Remember that hippogriff from your second year? That was to be killed? He's up in Sirius's mums room." My mouth fell open, I looked at Sirius who nodded. "Wow." Was all I could say. "Yup! Wows about right." Fred said and went back to eating. 

The rest of the day went by pretty fast after that. Ginny and I worked some more on our homework, Hermione worked some more on her hats. Around 5 o'clock, we could hear the front door opening, so Gin, Hermione and I left our room and walked down stairs.

"Molly, we really have to go... Yes! We will make sure Harry is alive. We must be off now, Molly. We'll see you lot later." Said a very exasperated Lupin. He was standing in the kitchen doorway, with Tonks, Kingsley, Mad-Eye and a few other people. "Are you guys going to get Harry?" I asked.

"Yes, and we really need to go." Lupin replied. "Mum, you need to stop fussing over the way Lupin looks, it's not like he's meeting the Captain of the Holyhead-Harpies or something. He's just going to get Harry." Gin told her mother.

Mrs. Wesley was fussing about how Lupin looks like he is a dead parson. It was true, he looks dreadful, last night was a full moon, and it had defiantly taken a toll on him. "Oh, alright! But be careful, you lot!" Mrs. Wesley said in her motherly tone to  everyone that was going to get Harry, as they passed her and walked to the front door.

"We will. Bye, Molly!" Lupin told her. "I'm going to go gang out with Ronald, I'll see you too later!" Hermione said and went downstairs to Ron's room. Ginny and I looked at each other, then we ran back to our room. We got to our room, and Ginny locked the door then she grabbed one of her shoes and threw it at the wall, it made a loud bang.

Then there was a loud pop! And Fred and George were standing in front of Ginny. "Hey! Watch where you throw things will you!" Fred said as he and George glared at Ginny, who just smiled. Ginny, Hermione and I have the bed room next to the twins room,

Ron's room is on the floor below ours, Mr. And Mrs. Weasley's room is on the floor above ours and Sirius's room is on the topmost floor along with Sirius's mums room, where Buckbeack the hippogriff is kept. "I want to hear what Hermione and Ron are talking about, are you two in?" Ginny asked the twins who grinned at each other and nodded to Gin.

15 minutes later.

Turns out, that when Ron and Hermione are alone together, they are very boring. They spent 10 whole minutes talking about Harry, Who in the name of Marlin spends that much time talking about Harry Potter! Other Ginny anyway. Then they spent 5 minutes talking about OWL's, Well Hermione did anyway, it sounded like Ron had fallen asleep and Hermione had slapped him.

"I think the Order have started their meeting." Fred said.  Sure enough, when we all walked out of the room to see if they were, Mrs. Weasley was putting a charm on the room as she closed the door. "Sham, I really want to know what their talking about in there." George said. We all want back into Ginny's and I's room and began listening to Hermione and Ron's conversion again.

1 hour later.

Harry Potter is here now, and by the sound of it, he's really mad at Ron and Hermione, he's been yelling for a while now. "Well, Fred and I are gonna go and see whittle Harry." George said in a baby voice, then with a loud pop they were gone. "You wanna go and see whittle Harry?" I asked Gin in the same voice that George had used. "Sure." Ginny laughed, and with that, I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the room.

Gin and walked into Ron's and Harry's  room. "Hello, my name is Mary Dragonwood, I'm in Ravenclaw." I told him, after Ginny had said hi to him. "Hello Mary, it's nice to meet you." Harry said and smiled, I smiled back. "That's a beautiful owl you have there. I'm hoping to get an owl soon." I told him. He just kept staring at me, I smiled at him again and that seemed to snap him out of his staring contest.

"Dinners ready, you may all come down now." Mrs. Weasley said about 40 minutes later. We all went down and ate, then Ginny and I were told by Mrs. Weasley that we had to leave, we protested but in the end Mrs. Weasley won and Ginny and I left to go to bed.

I got into my bed and soon after that sleep found me, I dreamed of a castle with people wearing gold dresses and suits with sliver eyes.


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