Epilogue + Author's Note

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     When I blinked awake into the afternoon, the first thought that crossed my mind was murder.

     "What the fuck, Reese?" I groaned, sinking further into the couch cushions that I been so peacefully napping on, slinging an arm over my eyes to block out the offending afternoon sun. "I was napping, napping! Why are you here? Go away."

     Inviting himself in was a vice that had not gotten better with Reese, instead he only seemed to feel even more at home, irritatingly enough. It seemed everytime I would settle in, get comfortable, Reese would saunter into the room and ruin everything. Without the peace to nap anymore, nothing was sacred. The world was slowly falling into chaos.

     Reese didn't budge from his spot over my legs, nestled between the couch and my knees where he'd so happily dumped himself. "I don't think beauty sleep is going to help that situation you've got going on there anyways, so why even bother?"

     I lifted my arm and glowered. "I hate you."

     "Because you're already so cute," he continued, as if it were obvious, although the shit-eating grin devouring his face told otherwise. I mimicked him under my breath, but he only laughed.

     "I'm gonna be picking up Savannah!" Chris called to us as he breezed by the living room, jingling his keys. "Don't bang or anything while I'm gone!"

     I rolled my eyes, at both Chris and Reese who was raising his eyebrows suggestively at me. I was surrounded by idiots. "Same goes for you, brother!" I cautioned, tone snip and unforgiving.

     Just because I hadn't castrated Chris yet, solely on Savannah's request, did not mean I wanted to hear about anything that happened between them. I wanted to keep all my digesting food digesting, thank you very much.

     "I make no promises!" he called back, and before I could retaliate or chase him down, he was slamming the door shut, disappearing into the afternoon.

     My eyes narrowed. "I hate him. And you. And everything."

     Reese tapped me on the nose with his index finger. "I love it when you talk dirty," he cooed, grin antagonizing.

      I tried to bite him.

     "I, for one, am super excited that Savannah and Chris are dating," he said, teasing me with a dangling finger. "I mean, it totally explains why she didn't fall in love with me before."

     I paused, arching a brow. "I thought it was just because of your terrible face and equally terrible personality."

     "Stella!" he gasped, a hand slapped against his chest. "I knew you only liked me for my body!"

     Scrunching my nose, I gave him a once over and a slight shrug. "I'd give it a solid C-."

     Apparently this was enough to touch his nerves, as he pushed my legs off the couch and captured my wrists in his hands, pulling me up. I groaned, but didn't put up much of a protest, only managing to muster a dry look. A smirk dug into his cheek. That signature Powers dimple appeared as he leaned down and seized my lips with his own. Despite how often we'd rehearsed it, which was often as I'd learned that Reese had poor control over keeping his hands to himself, it still brought a smile to my face every time. I couldn't stop myself from leaning into his touch, cheeks dusting with heat as his teeth grazed my bottom lip.

     When he pulled away, he was still smirking. "Change your mind?"

     I tapped my chin thoughtfully. "C+?"

     He shot me a dry look, groaning. "You're impossible, you know that?"

     Now I was the one with the cheeky grin, too wide for my own good, poking him in the side. "Yeah but I'm so cute when I do it."

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