Fraternizing with the Enemy [Author's Note + Playlist]

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     All right, so, hello! This is my first story I'm posting on Wattpad, and so I have high hopes that all of you guys will like it! And that's also a feel pity and be nice to me because I am a total noob at all things Wattpad, hahaha. I promise that I'll only be half-terrible.

     It's my stab at teen fic rom-com because home is where the heart is and my heart will forever be that of shenanigans and sexual tension, and seriously, is there anything else to romantic comedies? No, and that's why I (and hopefully you too!) love them. And so begins the story of Stella and Reese, and I hope you guys give them a chance!


I looked up at Reese Powers, tilting my head to the side unconsciously as I tried to process his words. He was flashing me that signature Reese grin in all it's cheeky glory, the one that caused his eyes to squint at the sheer size of it's immensity, but it all made no sense to me.

I blinked again, just to make sure that this was real, this was happening, and that this was not just a (weird) figment of my imagination.

And then I burst out laughing.

"You! You- I'm sorry, I can't, oh my, you want to-" I managed to sputter out in between bouts of laughter, crouched over with a hand clutched to my stomach to keep everything inside. "You want to, you being Reese Powers, want to date, I can't even say it, it's so ridiculous."

His grin was beginning to fade.

"No, no, let me get this straight," I persevered through my relentless laughter, feeling a flush burn on my skin, cheeks beginning to ache with how much I was smiling. "You, Reese Powers, want to date my best friend. No wait, you want me to help you date my best friend. You, the person I would personally exile to Siberia if it were possible, you want my help in getting to date my best friend."

"Yes, exactly." He nodded, very matter-of-fact, ignoring all social cues that any normal person would have picked up.

Social cues that would say that asking me was absolutely ridiculous, and no, they should not do that. They should probably swallow their own tongue before doing that. Then again, this was Reese- if he was anything near a respectable human being, I wouldn't be laughing in his face.

With a broad grin still devouring my face, I wiped a stray tear from my eye. "Oh, wow, thanks, I needed that. That was funny. All right. Okay, I would say good day, but I hate you, so I hope you get eaten alive by sharks."

And with that, I threw up my hand as a goodbye and brushed by him on the sidewalk to cross over to my house. I imagined recounting this to Savannah, aforementioned best friend of mine, and another grin was spurred by the thought. Maybe Mondays weren't so bad after all.

"Hey come on, help me out! Stella! Hey!"

"When hell freezes over, Powers!"

Little did I know that the temperatures down under were dropping fast, and by Wednesday afternoon I was going to make a deal with the devil himself.


Fine by Me - Andy Grammar

Just the Girl - The Click Five

Miss Independent - Kelly Clarkson

Carve Your Name - The Grates

Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney

Things I'll Never Say - Avril Lavigne

Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer

Love Like War - All Time Low

High School Never Ends - Bowling for Soup

Cake by the Ocean - DNCE


All right, so, excerpt- you're sold, aren't you!?

(deds to savvyinpink for the AMAZING trailer!)

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