6 // Dishonour on Your Cow Dishonour on Your Noodle

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     I never thought I'd ever find myself willingly standing near Reese's locker, but with chow mein noodles on the line, well, anything was possible. Thursday was noodle day in the cafeteria and that meant there was a bucket of sweet and sour sauce waiting with my name on it, and Reese's wallet was going to make that happen.

     The things I did for Chinese food.

     And so I leaned against the burgundy locker I had the unfortunate knowledge was Reese's, impatiently fidgeting and craning my neck to peer down the hallway. I wanted to make this transaction as quick and painless as possible, like a drug deal but fifty times more nefarious.

     "What're you doing?"

     I blinked out of my reverie to realize that the voice was talking to me, and belonged to a red-headed girl I'd never talked to before. I recognized her faintly but no name came to mind. The only thing I knew about her was that in the moment she looked very unimpressed with my entire existence for reasons that were completely beyond me.

    "Um, nothing?" I frowned in confusion.

    She narrowed her stormy grey eyes at me, leaving more questions than answers. A very discontented hand was poised on her hip. "What, are you another pathetic girl waiting on Reese?"

     My brows furrowed as I shot her a look. "Wait- what? No! I mean, well, technically yes, but also no in the way that you're implying. I'm not pathetic. This is strictly business."

    The girl's face did not seem convinced. "Have some respect for yourself," she spat, and turned on her heel.

     I stood there, stunned, questioning how my existence seemed to attract all the wierdest kind of people. This was clearly the result of Reese being within a fifty foot radius- the entire universe was thrown off balance and now we've entered a new dimension where random girls hate me and also Ryan Gosling was desperately in love and waiting to sweep me off my feet.

     I stilled and waited. Well, it was worth a try.

     Just as the girl was stalking away, Reese and his blond friend I recognized as Wyatt appeared. Wyatt's light eyes immediately snapped to the redhead, falling just under her collarbones.

    He grinned, light eyes sparkling. "Hey wanna go on a date?"

    She brushed past him, barely acknowledging his entire existence. From the view of her back and her swishing long ginger hair, she called, "Go to hell."

     Inexplicably, his grin widened. "Cool, I'll make reservations for seven! Wear something short, I hear its warm there this type of year!"

    But she was already gone, and I was markedly impressed with Wyatt's bravery. I was half-expecting her to bare fangs and shoot venom by the way her sharp eyes cut into everyone.

    "Glad to know that it wasn't just a Stella thing on her hatred for the world," I grumbled, dripping with sarcasm. Reese was now close enough to hear me and grinned.

    When I slid over to the next locker, Reese began tinkering with his lock. "Don't worry about it," he assured me, "She's sort of like that with everyone."

     Wyatt materialized next to me, saturated in that aura of nonchalance, and gave me a once over. "Stella Sandavol? Glad to see that you're not trying to murder my buddy here anymore. This is new."

     I swallowed, uncomfortable with the suggestion I knew was hiding behind his words. I reminded myself of the delicious miracle of Chinese food and tightened my grip on my backpack strap.

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