5 // Wet T-Shirt Wednesdays

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"JUST hear me out- okay? What if Terrance is actually really hot behind those glasses, and no one knows because we just think of him as glasses, right? What if he's a total babe underneath it all?" Eva tried to wiggle her eyebrows convincingly at both Savannah and I, her face glowing at the thought, but she was only met with a chorus of deadpan stares.

Rightfully so.

Savannah smiled politely at her, but I couldn't restrain myself from the very lady-like snort that involuntarily came in response. "Terrance as in, Terrance who has not worn pants that fall past his ankles since the eighth-grade, Terrance as in pony-tail, trench coat Terrance?" I clarified, but the cheeky grin plastered across my face was all too knowing. "Eva, I hate to break it to you, but this is not a teen rom-com from the early 2000's. Terrance cannot be magically transformed into Ryan Gosling via five minute makeover."

Eva huffed and pushed her over-sized sunglasses back down over her eyes, her nose turning back towards the sun. Her cherry stained lips were twisted in a frown, matching the raspberry red bikini she wore as she desperately tried to catch the last of the sun's rays before autumn in all its overcast and breezy glory inevitably rolled back in.

Savannah was leaning against one of my mom's various flowerpots with her laptop nestled in her criss-crossed legs, wavy blonde hair pulled up into a ponytail. My knowledge of all things Savannah guessed that she was cruising through some fashion blogs, because she knew the difference between cerulean and periwinkle, despite it looking more like blue and slightly bluer blue.

As if there was actually a difference.

"Just you wait, he's a total hunk underneath that trench coat," Eva insisted, and I heard Savannah giggle, because there was no other appropriate response to hunk and Terrance in the same sentence without any sort of negation falling in between.

I smirked. "He's a total hunk or he's the only boy to actually have a legitimate conversation with you since coming back from France?"

Eva pouted, eyebrows knitting together. "It's not fair," she whined, eyebrows pinched. "The babe pool of Riverview is basically microscopic. I'm only working with what I got here."

"I'm sure you'll find someone super cute," Savannah reassured her, giving Eva a gentle nudge with her foot.

Eva groaned, her nose scrunching. "Please, you live next to that college boy Zack or Zane or whatever, who basically looks like every hipster sex dream I've ever had, and Stella has been crushing on Tyler since the dawn of time, making him off limits. And she gets to live next to Reese, who has a face I want to lick. What's Eva left with? Fucking Terrance." She flipped over and sighed, her chin falling into the heels of her palms.

I rolled my eyes, taking a sip of my lemonade, and Savannah chuckled with an arched brow. "If you want, Zack's all your's, I've taken no claim to him," the blonde girl assured her. Eva gave her an appreciative half-smile.

"And I'm not saying you can't kiss Terrance, I'm just saying that he's probably going to offer you as a blood sacrifice because he's in my Bio-Chem this term and that's the only way you can pass that course, I'm pretty sure." I shrugged as Savannah broke down into laughter, and I could see the beginning of a smile curve onto Eva's face.

She dismissed any further conversation on Terrance with a wave of her hand. "Shut up and go get me some of those cookies you baked this morning. If there's no boys to impress then I can just eat my body weight in those bastards." Eva grinned at me, pulling the sunglasses to rest on the crown of her caramel coloured hair.

I nodded and drew up to my bare feet, feeling the blades of grass tickle my skin. "Savannah?"

She smiled up at me, eyes closed and pink grin wide. "Yes please," she chimed.

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