15 // Stranger Danger

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"SO I had a weird sex dream about Andrew last night-"

     I pulled a face, cocking a brow at Eva. "You mean Andrew from your Nutrition class?"

     Andrew wasn't a familiar name, and I found myself more familiar with Eva's romantic ventures than I did my own most of the time. I mean, her long-winded and graphic monologues of 3 second glances were virtually impossible to escape from, and I knew this from firsthand experience, but Andrew was new. Definitely too new to be on sex-dream level. I eyed her with suspicion.

     Eva nodded her head, thoughtfully chewing her gum, as if she was as surprised by this as I was. Her soft brown eyes wandered towards the ceiling as she hummed. "Yeah, it's weird. But he was like, really hot in it. Like lick-ice-cream-of-his-chest hot. Which, you know, I never really thought about him like that before, but today I was looking at him and..."

    "Eva," I interrupted, demanding her gaze. "What did we agree upon?"

     The tanned girl refused to meet my eyes but heaved a knowing sigh, pouting. "Just because I have a sexy dream about a guy does not mean that I have any legitimate chemistry with him. And okay, but-"

     "When's the last time you had a conversation with dear Andrew?" I cut her off before she could argue, fixing her with an unimpressed look.

     She deflated, the look on her face already telling me that her answer was going to be less than satisfactory and she knew it. "I asked if I could copy his homework last Tuesday. And he said no," she mumbled begrudgingly, crossing her arms against her chest and falling back onto the burgundy locker.

     "Duh, Eva, you can do so much better. You think some douche that won't even let you copy his homework is the one for you? No, because that means that he definitely won't let me copy his homework and what's the point of you guys even having boyfriends then?" I shrugged, a betraying grin cracking on my face.

     Eva snorted. "Oh, I wouldn't dream of it."

     She pushed her curled caramel-coloured bangs from her face, eyes falling off in the distance. "You know, I actually miss Savannah's old boo, at least Carlton's friends were hot, and he let you copy his homework. I still don't get why she dumped him," Eva mused, nose scrunching in thought.

     "Beats me," I sighed, shrugging unhelpfully. "She said she wanted to pursue other things. Although other things are definitely not helping me pass data management, but whatever. Where is she anyway? She's usually here by now," I muttered, her absence growing louder when I whipped my gaze around to see the blonde girl nowhere to be found.

     As my eyes fell between the spaces of idle students and within the constant, dull buzz of sleep-thick conversation, Savannah was still very much not there. I glanced at my watch to find it only a couple minutes until class and my forehead creased. "That's weird..."

     "Ah, she's there!"

     My eyes fell on Savannah pacing down the hall, her pale face lighting up when she saw us, hand waving in our direction. My eyes then travelled to the strawberry milk in her other hand, and I had to stop myself from shaking my head.

     "Eva's dreamy sexy things of boys that don't matter again," I tattled as soon as the blonde girl was within ear shot, earning an undignified huff from Eva, who frowned very pointedly at me.

     Savannah immediately turned and grinned in in Eva's direction. "Do we need to have an intervention again? Because we can have another intervention. Also the muffins Stella made for that were delicious."

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