13 // The Blind Date Diaries

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"STELLA, you need to get here, like, twenty minutes ago. It's terrible, I can't do this, he has not stopped talking about World of Star-Craft-Trek-whatever for like a solid half hour. Half an hour! I can literally feel myself aging, Stella, you need to save me. I'm too cute to age! I can pull off a lot of things but wrinkles aren't one of them!" Eva pleaded on the other end of the phone, whisper-shouting with a palpable urgency in her tone.

I looked to Savannah on the other end of the room who was blinking at me with curiosity in her icy eyes, hand paused that had been detailing her fingernails with little blue hearts. I mouthed 'Eva' and she nodded her head, grabbing the nail polish and screwing the cap back on, not needing to hear another word.

Despite Eva constantly telling us that she would be totally okay on her blind dates, and we seriously did not have to wait for her, we always kept our schedule clear just in case for the almost inevitable phone call. I even kept a bra on.

"All right, okay, calm down. Let's not be melodramatic," I advised the girl, sitting up from the comforts of my fluffy white duvet and feeling the edge of my mouth quirk upward.

"I almost thought it was snowing the amount of dandruff that was in his hair! There is no such thing as melodramatic!" she retorted hotly, causing me to laugh.

"Fine, fine, what're your coordinates? I'll see if Savannah and I can come get you. Just keep your cool, first mate, and I promise you'll make it out alive."

"I'm at the Olive Garden on Queen, please come soon, and think of something really good to get me out. I don't want to like, destroy his feelings. But also good enough that I won't have to respond to him ever again. Please and thank you, I love you guys, you're the best!" Eva chimed, and I watched as Savannah rose to her feet and dusted off her jeans, throwing a smile in my direction.

My mind was already working and processing and rolling over ideas, which honestly was my favourite part about bailing Eva out, even if I'd always have to endure her relentless complaining on the car ride home. It was the only time I was ever truly praised for my commendable acting skills, which were pretty great if I was being honest. Last time it'd been that her brother who was a famous NASCAR driver had crashed and blew up into flames, little pieces of dear Nathaniel floating from the sky and all over the track.

It was some of my best work, and now I needed to top it. Savannah was always the best to add the essential details, too. The floating bits were all her.

I swung my legs over to the side of the bed, holding the phone to my ear and stretching with my free arm, feeling a pleasurable crack. "I know, I know, but until then, sit tight. We'll be there as fast as possible. What you should do though until then is go out there, look him dead in the eye and say look at me."


"Say look at me, I'm the Captain now."

I heard an impatient huff sound through the receiver, making it clear that Eva did not find my pirate references all that entertaining, and a click off. Savannah cast me a knowing look as I smiled broadly, jumping to my feet.

"What? That's a good one, I think it would work," I defended myself, brushing past her and eyeing up my open closet, ignoring her arched brow.

Costumes were important.

"Okay, whatever you say," she sighed.

"If you ask me, we should all take a little more advice from pirates, then we'd get a lot more booty." I elbowed her with a shit-eating grin, radiating pride, to which she cast me a deadpan look.

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