7 // Of Exercise and Early Deaths

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"GUYS, I'm telling you, I don't know why it happened. It was like all the stars aligned and they hated me."

Savannah shot me a supportive smile and gave my shoulder a comforting rub, which I was grateful for.

Eva was not wholly convinced, those cinnamon eyes suspicious and stationed on me, probably considering on the third degree. "So you're saying that it's just like- totally left field? No explanation whatsoever? Like Britney Spears circa 2007 rationality?"

I nodded, keeping my best poker face. "Precisely. I think she just got the wrong idea. Wrong place, wrong time, you know." I shrugged for casual emphasis.

Savannah continued with her consoling hand rub, which had morphed into a half massage I was very fond of. I could feel a wave of relaxation pour over me as she dug her thumb into the crook of my neck. Literally the heart of a golden retriever.

"I'm sure it was just a weird coincidence," the blonde agreed, and I replied with a soft smile back.

"Okay," Eva murmured, but her face still had traces of skepticism. "Just saying, you live next to Reese, you're around Reese, chemistry happens."

I shot her a dry look.

"I think it's like the noodles were so attracted to my face, they used telekinetic powers to find a way to get into my mouth as soon as possible, and Melissa was just a sad pawn in their little game," I reassured them, grinning.

Eva snorted and Savannah giggled, both rolling their eyes at my very, totally reasonable explanation for the event.

We sat in my room, only hours after the entire noodle to face ordeal, and although I'd given myself a very thorough shower I still smelled the phantom aroma of sweet and sour sauce every so often. Apparently Savannah had only seen the results, but Eva had gotten a full view of my attack and clearly was not convinced that I was the innocent party.

I was new born baby bunny levels of innocent.

But according to Eva, there was something up, and although she wasn't entirely wrong I needed the lying skills to convince her exactly that. My tactic was diversion, and the psychic noodle claim was ridiculous enough to make her lose her train of thought for a little while, at least.

"Well, Mr. Matthews' ridiculous amount of homework is calling for me, I think it's about time to go," Savannah murmured while checking the time on her phone, doing her best to stifle a yawn.

"I swear that the most boy interaction I've gotten in a week was when he reamed me out for copying Savannah's home work," Eva groaned, also lifting herself from the comforts of the pillow fortress I'd assembled on my bed.

"Oh, does Eva have the hots for teacher?" I grinned.

Eva pulled a face and Savannah laughed, because Mr. Matthews was much balder and plumper than the type that Eva usually went for. Also I was still pretty convinced he was sexually attracted to turtles after biology junior year.

"I have the hots for some fucking sleep," she moaned, and Savannah jingled her keys in response.

"Goodnight Stella, get lots of sleep," Savannah chimed and they both disappeared through the doorway, leaving me alone in my little sanctuary.

I sighed and blew a string of damp hair out of my face, instinctively running my fingers underneath my pillow to find it uncharacteristically bare. My diary used to make it's home there, but now it was next door in the clutches of Satan, and I felt it was almost like cheating to start a new one without finishing the other. I couldn't betray my diary like that, I had morals. And yet this was oddly one of the most distressing times of my life, with flying food and deals with the devil, and I had nowhere to write it.

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