27 // Stella's New, Lacy and Black Groove

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     DESPITE the laidback sentiment I'd thrown at Reese the day before, that having both Savannah and him there, really, nothing could go that bad, I was suddenly feeling very different. I had realized that, in fact, absolutely everything could go bad.

      And judging by my track record- that it probably would.

     Savannah's eyes sparkled. "How excited are you?"

     I swallowed, taking a moment to consider her question, and then nodded my head. "If my math's right, there's a 95% chance I'm going to throw up."

     And I was being generous with that.

     The blonde chuckled under her breath, keeping her grip on my chin steady while brushing a chocolate brown colour all over my eyelids. "Good thing you suck at math, then."

     I snorted, but it did little to curb the anxiety that had been decimating my veins all day. Even with the familiar, upbeat melody pouring from the radio and Savannah's constant reassuring grins, I couldn't swallow my worries. I had run through about a million different scenarios, each worse than the next, and sitting statuesque had become almost impossible.

     The only thing keeping me still being the heated glares Savannah would burn into my face every time I moved.

    The twitching and the shifting might have annoyed Savannah, but really, it was completely reasonable. As far as I knew, this could be the last day of my life.

    Or even worse, my social life.  

     Regardless, I kept still, mostly because while she was somehow able to create a flawless smoky eye without giving me black eyes (ie. Makeup by Stella), she was also very ready to poke mine out if I didn't cooperate.

      Savannah with a makeup brush in her hand was a menace.

     The blonde took a step back and studied her work, the tip of her tongue peeking out between her glossy lips. "Not to brag, but I'm a genius."

     A grin broke out across my face. "Ah, yes, that's the modesty you're so famous for."

     Savannah's face mimicked mine, a laugh trickling past her lips. "Seriously though, Tyler's going to be blown away, you're so hot. I still can't believe that he asked you on a date, though."

       There was something in her voice that was a little too skeptical for my liking. Why couldn't everyone be as gullible as Wyatt had been?

     I furrowed my brows. "I told you! We were talking about steak in geography, and he said that he had this gift card, we should all go. It's more of a group outing than a date. Seriously. I don't think 'date' and 'Reese' have any business being anywhere near each other." I crossed my arms over my chest to mean business, hopefully silencing the rest of her doubts.

      Savannah eyed me carefully, but then drew a sigh. "Fine, fine," she relented. "Whatever you say. Just talking about steak."

      "That's a perfectly reasonable topic of conversation, Vannah. Do you want to hear my fully-fleshed out thoughts on filet mignon? Because I can give them to you. Don't you worry, free of charge."

     She fixed me with an unimpressed look and I gave a toothy grin. In a weirdly terrible way, the lies were becoming easier, more reasonable, rolling off the tongue with little resistance. Reese might not have given me asbestos poisoning like I thought before, but he was definitely leaving some lasting effects on me of the not wonderful kind.

     "I think I'll live," she drawled, fixing me with a knowing look. "Anyway, now it's just lipstick. I'll see if I've got anything."

     "Ah!" I jumped up from the chair and dashed over towards my bedside table, pulling open the drawer. I could feel Savannah's curious eyes following me, but ignored it. "I've actually got you all covered."

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