30 // Cinnoman Toast Crunch vs. Ted Bundy

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    "HEY, guys, do you think I look like a stripper?" Eva asked, throwing her gaze over her shoulder to the floor-length mirror hung up on the wall, posing a hand on her hips. Her mouth pursed as she sized herself up, humming thoughtfully, eyebrows pinched.

     I blinked, meeting her gaze, and nodded. "Yes, definitely."

     A devilish grin broke out across her face, her usual cherry stain temporarily replaced with a vampy black, and she pumped both her fists in the air championship-style. "Awesome!"

     I snorted and rolled my eyes but failed to suppress the quirk that found my lips. To the surprise of absolutely no one, Eva took Halloween as a holiday bestowed from the gods, and was devouring every opportunity to be sexy-anything. Her poison of choice this year was sexy-devil, which consisted of more lingerie than actual costume, all red and black fabric with too many cut-outs for the cold October night. Which was exactly what she was going for.

     Savannah giggled, closing the ballerina-pink gloss she had glittering on her lips. To the exact opposite of Eva's sexy devil, there was Savannah's conservative angel costume, with an ivory flowing dress down to her knees and blonde hair cascading down her back in beachy waves. It was almost ridiculous how in character they were, especially tonight, as Eva had stuffed condoms into my backpack while Savannah was packing water bottles.

     Stretching my arms above my head and cracking my neck, I lifted to my feet. Despite the fact that it was nearing ten and night had completely devoured the sky, my veins were buzzing with anticipation. Excitement for the night to come was flickering in my stomach, licking up my ribcage and sparking in my lungs, knowing that it was my second chance at a drunken midnight rendezvous with Tyler. Every single teenage rom-com I'd seen in my life had prepared me for tonight- and this time, I was not going to let it go.

     "Tyler's face will be mine tonight!" I pumped my fist in the air, eyes to the ceiling in determination.

     Eva's face mimicked mine, her hand closed in a fist. "Tonight we will come, and we will conquer!"

     We both nodded to each other, a moment of pure understanding that surpassed any verbal communication, and Savannah burst out laughing, shaking her head at us. "All right, well, we should go. Don't want to be late for apparently the most important night of your lives."

     Before I could say a word, Eva dropped to her knees and threw her hands underneath Savannah's bed, only to come back up with a ridiculously large, clear bottle between her fingertips. Her heavily lashed eyes were sparkling and a mischievous grin curved on her face as she cradled with bottle in her hands. "I think we're set for vodka," she chirped.

     "What? When did you put that ther- oh, just remember to keep hydrated," Savannah said, warily eyeing the bottle, to which Eva was too busy memorized with to hear. "My sister said she'd drive us back and she'll never forgive me if anyone throws up in her car. I'm pretty sure she loves that thing more than me."

     I clapped her on the back and cast her a reassuring grin. "She definitely does, so we'll keep it a throw-up free zone."

     Savannah paused for a moment, eyes shining with apprehension, but then nodded her head. "All right, okay, senior year Halloween party, let's have fun!" 

     We all clambered into Savannah's sister's car, who gave a sneer at Eva's costume and earned a heated glare from the tanned girl for the rest of the drive. The blonde's sister looked nothing like Savannah, with mousy brown hair, thick-rimmed glasses, and a permanently up-turned nose, she was less than entertained by the idea of Halloween, which worked out for us to get a free ride. Although hearing her continually put down the holiday one after another was getting difficult as I had to restrain Eva in the back seat, who was struggling beneath my arm, ready to pounce even if it cost everyone their lives.

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