Chapter 28: Talks

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I finished eating same with the others and aleks helped me out of the booth and I collected all the dirty dishes from everyone and they all left as I cleaned off the dishes the best I could so they didn't grow mold before I put them in the dish washer.

Aleks quickly ran out chuckling. Letting out deep breaths, "Lee when we were out there I went into your room and when I came back out sly and Brooke were mackin lips!" I ran into the other room where the two still sat there making out.

I was completely in utter happiness, ok that sounds creepy.

I'm happy to see two people kissing? Oh god I got enough with that with my dad's ex girlfriend when I was still in high school. Yeah fuckin bitch could not keep her hands to herself. I looked at the two finally releasing each for a long breath break.

They looked at us both blushing. Sly finally quit blushing but Brooke was still as red as a fire truck. I couldn't hold my thoughts as I blurted something out without completely thinking.

"Lucky" I blurted out softly but loud enough aleks heard it. He gave me a look as I turned red and dashed to my room yelling I'll be changing I heard foot steps follow behind me as my door was almost closed.

My door was pushed open but quickly closed as a panting aleks took a stand in front of my door.

"Damn dude i have done way too much running today" i covered my mouth as i tried not to laugh as bad as i wanted as he stood there his hands on his knees breathing sweat dripping off his forehead hitting the floor. I looked at him as his height returned back to normal as he stood straight his eyes barring into mine. I laid back on my bed and his body slowly approached mine as i starred up at the ceiling.

His lanky body laid next to mine as i stayed quiet.

"Hey uhm lee can we talk?" I finally looked at him and nodded. "What did you mean by lucky when you said it earlier?" I knew I went completely red and threw my face into a pillow he chuckled as I laid there obviously embarrassed.

"Ok here's what I meant and i'm being completely truthful here" he nodded pretty excited for my answer. "You see they have each other, there perfect they have each other when needed if they need a hug, a kiss just to feel better they go to each other and I guess you can say i'm jealous I don't" he looked pretty disappointed and i looked away from him.

"It just feels like when Chase broke up with me senior year I lost everything and it feels like the whole world knew what I had and everyone's out to get me" he closed his eyes shaking his head with a chuckle.

"You find this funny that nobody loves me well at least the person I love doesn't love me back don't you.." he froze shutting up pretty quick.

"A lot of people love you lee I don't understand where you get this, See Dan loves you, Jordan, Ze,Sp00n, sly, James, Brooke, Courtney, Seamus and especially me a lot of people love you lee including me, I love you"

I looked at him as his expression would slowly grow as I slowly smiled my emotions growing lighter. His teeth officially beamed with glee as I scoot closer to him resting my head on,his chest. He put his hand on my head and smoothed down the hair sticking up. His neck craned down and he kissed my forehead making me snuggle deeper down into his chest.

"I'm tired" i whined he chuckled holding my arms tighter.

"Me too" he yawned having me send one back in return. We yawned back and forth as it was pretty much impossible to stop. He gave a chuckled yawn before settling down. "I'm gonna take a nap" he cooed. I nodded agreeing that I seriously need one because last night the couch wasn't that comfy.

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