Aѕнe'ѕ Oneѕнσт Booк ♡ by cosmic-trash
Aѕнe'ѕ Oneѕнσт Booк ♡by ♡
♡~ a bit hiatus-y but always taking requests ~♡
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tattoos. | immortalhd by immortalzombunny
tattoos. | immortalhdby h ♡
disclaimer: this story is for mature audiences only. read at your discretion. "we're best friends. i just don't know if we should do this." "we obviously...
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Cow Chop x Reader Book by ChowCopp
Cow Chop x Reader Bookby K-Dizzle
Short x reader stories for fans of Cow Chop!! (Female x Reader) (I take requests)
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Apartment 311 ✧NovaHD✧ by k-chouko
Apartment 311 ✧NovaHD✧by k-chouko
When moving into Water Tower Flats in the town of Arvada, Colorado, 22 year old Aleksandr Marchant was hoping for a new life. A new start. Something or even someone to a...
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Seeing You || Uberhaxornova x Reader by creaturekiann
Seeing You || Uberhaxornova x ᴍᴇɢᴀɴ
You moved to Colorado to achieve your dream to become a You-tuber and live a wonderful life and to see your best friend. Next thing you know you meet James Wilson aka Ub...
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cow chop preferences, imagines, and scenarios!⋆.*ೃ✧ by switchblade_
cow chop preferences, imagines, switchblade_
because why not? rated mature because ion know things might get a lil spicy (credit to cowhunter on tumblr for the image, i added the text to it)
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One Shots by BadassFreakyFrow
One Shotsby Frow Frow~
Just some one shots :3
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Chat - |NOVAHD| by anemotrashcanaf
Chat - |NOVAHD|by ✨Blazeener✨
//A texting story about Cow Chop's conversation when James and Aleks become a couple (NovaHD) \\ !!!REDOING AND EDITING!!!!! !!!!! THIS TEXTING STORY IS NOW ONLY COW CHO...
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ZeRoyalChaos - New York City by stayingontop
ZeRoyalChaos - New York Cityby stayingontop
This is the second book to 'The Truth' Here we will find out what happens in the life of these two men. They once knew what it felt like to have everything in the whole...
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The Creatures & Cow Chop Imagine by shithead-chan
The Creatures & Cow Chop Imagineby shithead
a collection of oneshots containing: reader x a member/employee of the creatures I'm currently taking in request so if you want one done just message me. update: despit...
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Reincarnation Sucks (Slow Updates) by piperwolf94
Reincarnation Sucks (Slow Updates)by Piper
After an successful mission to retrieve Sasuke, Naruto was banished by the Elders and the the Civilian Council. But Kyuubi gave him a choice to start a new life and he t...
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Tattoos || Immortalhd by creaturekiann
Tattoos || Immortalhdby ᴍᴇɢᴀɴ
Meredith Ivanov is a 24 year old girl born and raised in Russia. A You-tuber and Old High School friends with Aleksandr Marchant better known as ImmortalHD. They were fr...
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Pawn ☞ ImmortalHD au by filthyjoon
Pawn ☞ ImmortalHD auby ✨ H E R✨
pawn \ˈpȯn, ˈpän\ noun: A person used by others for their own purposes.
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Creature Hub/Cow Chop Imagines [DISCONTINUED] by monsterkink
Creature Hub/Cow Chop Imagines [ danny
Creatures/Cow Chop imagines/preferences [she / her pronouns unless stated otherwise]
  • steffybabay
  • mrjoeextreme
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Believe Me, Natalie {ImmortalHD} by theelegantwalrus
Believe Me, Natalie {ImmortalHD}by The Heggles
Please believe me, Natalie, listen Natalie, This is (y)our last chance {Completed as of 24/7/2016}
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The Creature Hub/CowChop One-Shots(Open) by thecreaturehub_
The Creature Hub/CowChop TheCheeseNugget
One shots *mostly cow chop honestly...*
  • creatures
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Reasons Why >> ImmortalHD *On Hold* by AALovell
Reasons Why >> ImmortalHD *On Hold*by Raider
'Reason Number 1 The day we met.'
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Letters to Aleksandr- immortalhd fan fic by CMariePineda
Letters to Aleksandr- immortalhd 𝓒. 𝓜. 𝓟.
"Dear Aleksandr, I miss you. I'm sorry ... I love you, and you loved me -Marie" ^^^WARNING^^^ There is mentions of self harm and suicide. If you do not feel co...
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Cow Chop One-Shots by imakickyoash
Cow Chop One-Shotsby Ash
I've always wanted to do one-shots, so here we go! They'll mostly be Aleks/James if it's a ship fic, but I may do some other ships. You can send me a request/prompt (det...
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"Right" Number (SSoHPKC/(Old) The Creature Hub/(Sort of) Cow Chop social media) by LiveLoveLapis
"Right" Number (SSoHPKC/(Old) Libby
The wrong number can lead to a lot of things.
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