Chapter 16: Super smash bros. Brawl

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I kept starring up at Aleks hoping my dream would soon become a reality. He smiled at me as I was returning the smile while my phone buzzed.

Boo: hey me, nick, and Tommy are all playing the Wii u you and aleks want to come over? Sly is.

Me: yeah ofc

I locked my phone and looked at aleks and stood up. "we're going to go play the Wii u at brooke's sly's there all ready" he nodded and stood up. "hey let me change" I walked into my room and changed into teenage mutant ninja turtle pajama pants. I then put on a black tank top then my grey beanie. I pulled on my socks then slid on my slides.

I put my phone in my side pocket as I made it to the door swining my bedroom door open and to the front door I headed. We left and we took my truck and I drove to brooke's place where her, and her brother Tommy, and his best friend nick stayed. I pulled up to there apartment building and ran up to the fifth floor with aleks straight behind me. I pushed open there door without a knock and went straight into tommy's room with aleks behind me. I opened his door to him and nick on his couch moving left t right with controllers in hand.

"Heyy!" nick yelled pausing the game both of them running over to me engulfing me into a hug. "Hey" I chuckled as I was squeezed. Brooke walked in with sly and hugged us both. I could see sly ask aleks something he shook his head looking at me for a quick second an then sly jam him in the side with his elbow. He grinned and I took my spot on tommy's bed with brooke both of us grabbing a controller.

They added us to the game and of course me picking lucario and Brooke picking Kirby. Aleks sat next to me and sly next to Brooke. Tommy being the try hard he is picked Pokemon trainer and nick picking yoshi. The match started and of course us already yelling and spamming buttons. Pushing each other trying our best to mess the other one up but ending up killing ourselves.


Tommy ended up winning the first game which means he got to pick the second person to play with him against sly and aleks. Of course he gonna pick ni-.. Me? I looked towards Tommy as he pointed at me. "come on lee you got second last round I got to pick you" I grinned I took nick's controller as he cross his arms and sat with Brooke on tommy's small couch next to his bed while Tommy sat in his computer chair and me, aleks, and sly sat on his bed.

Game after game Tommy kept winning it was really pissing Brooke off same with sly. Sly was fuming his cheeks were puffed out and his face red, he was I mean PISSED. He was giggling at first swearing next.

When finally Someone beat Tommy and it was not me nor, sly, nor aleks, not even Brooke or nick guess who it was.

Heh heh it was there neighbor Mr. Atkins he got so annoyed he busted right through tommy's door grabbing a controller from one of us and I mean he kept a straight face while doing this button smashed everything and actually ended up winning. I was dying of laughter as it was my controller he stole. Tommy froze as Mr. Atkins threw the controller onto his bed walking out slamming the front door he left open.

I was still laughing clutching my stomach from the pain. "shut. Up LEE" I continued laughing till finally it died down and I wiped away the falling tears. We pretty much got kicked out of the house for the day so Brooke and I took sly and immortal to lunch. Well they technically took us. We all took my truck of course it was a nice vehicle. I was in the back because of course brooke insisted on driving. I rolled my eyes climbing into the backseat first then immortal behind me. It felt like he was starring at my ass, but of course I know he's not like that.

*alek's POV*

That ass... I bit my lip trying to look away.

Of course I don't like her because of that, of course but it is kind of a bonus

*Emilee's POV*

We got situated and brooke drove us to panera bread best place ever!!!


We were done eating and of course it was tasty as always, we all split the bill and we left letting door cling to a close.

"we seriously need to come here more often" was all sly could say.

"you got that right bro" aleks agreed. "you damn sure got that right".


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