Chapter 13: Lacey the flower girl

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*aleks POV*

I ran through my room pulling my dresser drawers toward me almost making me fall backwards. I grabbed a v-neck and a pair of skinny jeans throwing them back onto my bed. I pushed my drawers in and ran stripping off of my dirty shirt to just run around in my boxers.

I ran into my bathroom across the hall from my room and down the hall from slys room, and took out my bristled brush brushing my hair while I brushed my teeth my eyes still with bags under them.

I spit out the contents of my squashed up tooth paste washing it down the sink and rinsing out my mouth. I finished my hair and messed it up a tad.

I ran back into my room pulling on my pants dancing a bit trying to push my legs in. I groaned out as I pulled them up and buttoned them. I pulled on my blue v-neck and ran over slipping on my black vans and I grabbed a belt hanging from my door. I pulled on my belt And clicked it.

I kneeled down the floor and tied my left shoe, once I finished I did a little air jump and landed to my right and tied my right shoe. I sighed in satisfaction in my mirror.

I grabbed my phone off the charger and immediately called Katie my step mom.

"hey Katie" I greeted. She responded into my phone as I heard children scream in the background.

"I need lacey for a flower girl" I simply stated as I walked out of my room closing the door behind me.

I walked passed sly's door and down the stairs and out the door.

"what?! You need a flower girl?!?! Your getting married?!!!!!" she exclaimed making me raise my eyebrows as I moved my phone away from my ear still able to clearly hear her scream.

"no mom I need her for lee's brother wedding" her voice lowered and she sighed.

Then she all of a sudden got excited. "wait lee? You mean that girl I heard you talk about" I could feel a blush creep onto my pale morning face. "yes mom" I whispered as I got into my car.

She squealed and immediately approved the decision as I told her the time I'll be there. "ok can't wait to see you! So will your father" I rolled my eyes as I drove towards there house.

"wow" I mumbled into my quiet car. "there house is relatively close to lee's apartment building. I shrugged and pouted out my lip as I pulled into my parents drive way.

Katie came running around in shorts a light blue shirt and heels with her arms spread wide awaiting her hug.

I gave her the hug before she hit me upside the head and she brought me inside as a man walked in with the normal pipe hanging out from his mouth reading glasses hanging from his nose and a newspaper tucked under his right arm.

He made eye contact with me for a minute before grinning still with his pipe stuck in his mouth. "my son" he greeted putting out his hand for a shake. I shook his hand and looked at him.

"I heard you were coming for lacey" I nodded as my younger step sister appeared from behind him holding his pockets. "hey lil sis" I crouched down and patted her head making her give me a glare. My eyes widened as she stared me down.

"well missy we better get going lee's waiting to see you" her eyes glowed as I mentioned lee's name the same way mine would glow when I saw her.

She giggled as she grabbed my hand and dragged me outside awaiting to see lee. My parents waved to us as I pulled my Car out of the driveway and turned the corner making it to lee's apartment building.

I parked the car and immediately lacey booked it out of the car and up the stairs awaiting at the third floor at her door. I caught up to her and I let her knock. Courtney answered the door and let us in. I could see the couch pulled out with blankets and pillows thrown all over it.

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