Chapter 3 : lolwut?

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Hey!! so like in last chapter i told you i would be doing a big skip through, i was gonna make it to where, Emilee has known the creatures now for 8 months and it's a week before her b-day :P hope this is alright i know it's a HUGEEEEE skip through<3 sorry and hope you enjoy the chapta

~KitKatBar o.o


I was humming a short tune as I drove to The creature house, Stopping at red lights, stop signs, usual.

I made my way through the mountains to there humble abode. I skipped to the door way fixing my glasses. I knocked on the door and swinged on my feet humming looking around waiting for the door to open. The door swung open to a very tall kootra once again as usual towering over me.

"Sup bro" i said looking up as he looked down at me. "Heyyyy" He let me in bringing me into the kichen where everyone's compuers were. i trotted in and sat down in kootra's chair starring as everyone didn't even notice my presence.

"Ahem" i coughed slightly. "Kootra shut up" James said not looking away from his computer. I threw a peice of paper at his head making him look in my direction. "Kootra SERIOUSL- oh hey Em" Everyone looked away from their computer and looking at me. I smiled and waved.

"EM!" sly giggled and hugged me.

I smiled and hugged him back tightly squeezing him. Aleks got up and gave me another squeeze before i sat back down.

We all talked and laughed having a good ass time.

"So guys, how's life?" i swung my feet off the ground in the chair i was in, "Pretty good!" Dan said smiling with a slight chuckle. I nodded at his answer and everyone answered the same. I grinned and we all talked. I turned around and browsed kootra's computer for something to do. Then i remembered.

"Omg guys i forgot comic cons this weekend!" I giggled.

"Yeah me, Aleks, and james are going you can join if you want to" Dan said leaning back slowly in his chair. his bare feet tapping the ground.

"Really?! I would love to go!" They smiled and said they have everything covered. I squealed like the child I was as they chuckled at my reaction.

This weekend is going to be awesome!

Me and Aleks went costume shopping of course, I drove as he looked for a store.

Finally we found a costume shop, he slowed down and parked rushing in as i was like 7 o' clock at night. We ran in and looked for Batdanz costume choice, Batman. we ran through the aisles checking everything. We found joker, but we needed a boy and girl robin. James and Dan had their costumes already in the bag. Me and Aleks were on a slip up.

I finally ran down one more aisle to find it. "ALEKS! I FOUND THEM!!" I screeched. He ran to me skidding to a stop in front of me. He grinned and took our sizes and we ran to the check out. Then went to the car speeding to the house.

"DAN WE FOUND OUR COSTUMES WE'RE GOOD" Aleks yelled as we entered the front door slamming it behind us. We walked into the room him and James were in. They were in their costumes making sure everything was right. we walked in with the bag to see them dancing and singing. I covered my mouth for a second just watching. I was grinning ear to ear just watching they didn't seem to notice. I glanced at Aleks about the same time he did at me giving me a look. Finally,

We busted out laughing.

They froze and saw us at the door frame leaning on each other cracking up. They put there hands on there hips while i gasped for air. "O-oh M-my GOD!" I stuttered.

My laughing died down as i wiped away the tears.

"Ok. One, Nice costumes. Two, Nice dancing. Andddd Three, Nice song guys" I went back to laughing with immortal and slid down onto the floor cracking up. The guys waltzed over above us and snatched the bag from the costume shop as we continued our laughing bit.

They opened the bag and to see my costume and Alek's, that's when they started to laugh. my laughing died down to see what they were laughing at. "What?" They laughed some more. "Nice costumes guys."

I was confused what mine was just robin, but you know girl version and it stead of pants i had shorts, then there's my lovely cape. "Ok see my costume's sexy but Alek's i must say looks like a onesie." They laughed more. I grabbed my costume and went into there bathroom changing. I put on the little shoe covers it came with and i put on my mask fixing my cape. I ran out and posed as they continued laughing.

Aleks stared at me with his mouth a gape.

"Ok aleks now go put on yours to see if its actually a onesie" James protested pushing him towards the bathroom past me. He went in and changed and came out strutting. That's when I lost it. I was dying.

This is going to be the best weekend ever.


Sup guys chapter 3! :O heh heh so like chapter 4.. Its in Da works

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