Chapter 1: The movies

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I coughed nervously as I got out of my car walking up to the movie theatre. I don't know why I was nervous I was just meeting my friends Courtney and Brooke here... I walked up to the front and waited there my hands in my jacket pockets. I bobbed around looking for any sign of one of them. We were here to see wolverine, and it was pretty late. I looked around once more to see a group of guys emerge from a car. One wearing a horse head, and one wearing a wolverine costume.

I giggled to myself at there appearance and finally spotted Courtney walking past there little dance party. I walked over to her watching them still. I looked at the horse head especially. He was cute, but I didn't know what his face looked like. I shrugged it off and hugged Courtney bringing her back to my waiting spot. We waited a few minutes until we heard a group erupt into laughter.

We looked toward the groups direction. I swear I could feel eyes on me, I turned around to look at Courtney I looked at her till she started to slowly grow a grin. I raised an eyebrow and looked at her starting to laugh. I could see her eyes weren't looking at me I turned around to come face to face with a mask, a clown mask.


I fell to the ground with a thud causing a lot of attention to us.

But with my lucky strikes, it was only us and that group. I stood up and dusted myself off. Right when I was dusted off I glared at the clown yanking the mask off to reveal Brooke. I glared at her more. She giggled as I finally gave in a grinned. We finally linked arms and walked over to the ticket lady we waited in line since that big group was in front of us.

We talked a bit waiting til they moved on into the movie theatre.

We scooted up and smiled. "Uhm yes three for wolverine" the lady typed away on her computer as we played and got our tickets. We walked inside to the concession stands and we got our popcorn and drinks and skipped to the theatre the usher pointed us too. We walked in and when we turned the corner there was group but this time the guy in the wolverine suit was changed and the guy with the horse head it was off. To be honest I was right we was hot.

I grinned in the darkness so he couldn't see. We took our seats in front of them and we got comfortable laughing and whispering before the movie started.


The movie was over and the credits played we talked a bit more and waited for the after credits ending. When that showed we got up and stretched to see that group. I looked at the with confusion.

"You guys stayed too?" I said pointing to them still stretching.

"Yeah usually the after credits ending is usually really good." one with a red hat said. I nodded my head slowly. Then looked at the rest of them. There was three really cute ones. I smiled at them.

"Emilee we got to get back to record" I took my bag and got a camera out. "Here we'll do it by the car." she nodded and we started down the steps to leave the theatre. "wait!" one them called. "what are you recording?" he said. "oh an after the movie video for YouTube" I said smiling the rest of the group caught up. "You record for YouTube?" they all said unison.

"ya me, Brooke, and Courtney all do" they nodded

"cool we do to!" I smiled at them as the one that was originally wearing the horse mask stared at me. " well we might as well introduce ourselves" we nodded and all left the theatre. "I'm Eddie but I'm known as slyfoxhound, that's kootra" he pointed to the lad in the red hat. I nodded towards him. "His actual name is Jordan and this is James, or nova" he pointed at the boy that was wearing the wolverine costume. "Dan" he pointed to the guy in the leather jacket. "Thennn there's aleks or immortalhd" he pointed to the boy who was wearing the horse mask. I smiled at him and waved. "Buy my shirts" the group laughed leaving us confused.

"you three should come over to the creature house" I looked at him a look of confusion plastered on my face. "Oh well we all live together and we work together on YouTube even though we have our sperate channels." I nodded understanding.

"Cool maybe we can hang out tomorrow?" I looked at Courtney and Brooke and they nodded and we looked at them. "Yeah sure! See you tomorrow" I smiled at them and Brooke turned on the camera and that's when we started our vlog..


When we finished vloggin' I got into my car and Brooke and Courtney got into their's driving out. I started my car and drove past the creatures giving a little honk of the horn. I got home and went to bed. "Night" I whispered into my lonely room.


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