Chapter 25: Pax day.. how ever you spell 2 in spanish (2)

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I opened my eyes to the nice messy hotel room, I sat up stretching looking around the room.

"Mmm morning" I yawned. Aleks shuffled in the bed flipping to his other side. I leaned over him blowing in his ear making him giggle and rub his ear then let out a snore. I rolled my eye then reached under the covers poking his side making him hiccup sitting up.

"what the fuck?" I laughed he covered his mouth embarrassed as everyone looked at him.

Brooke snorted laughing as hard as she was. "you hiccup when someone pokes your side?" I asked aleks scrunching my knees into my stomach. He slowly nodded and looked towards the tv that was currently on. Before he could do anything I quickly jammed his side making him hiccup and I fell back in laughter.

"not funny" I kept laughing as I leaned towards him. "oh very funny" he rolled his eyes looking at the wall, I stood up grabbing my bag. Skipping to the bathroom to change for day two.

I quickly changed into a nice and apparently cute outfit. As Brooke oohed as I walked in. I waved it off as she ran and got her bag skipping into the bathroom quickly after. She came out twirling throwing her bag on the ground.


Everyone was dressed and we were currently waiting in the lobby for the others. I grinned as I saw the elevator door open slowly and four people popped out walking towards us.

"ok let's go!" Jordan yelled. "Kevin said he'll meet us at the twitch booth" I nodded happily. Kevin is freakin adorable he does all these voices that are amazing. He just has a talent. I ran outside calling a cab to stop. One quickly stopped and the guy driving looked fairly young. He grinned at me showing his two canines.

I got in the backseat behind him and he almost pulled off, of course it scared me, because the guys and Brooke almost weren't in and plus I didn't tell him where to go.

I gave Dan a look as he took the seat across from me, and Sly took the seat next to him and Brooke next to him, and aleks of course across from me.

James, kootra, ze, and sp00n were gonna take another cab. Our driver pulled off and he continued looking at me it felt like at least, from his rear view mirror.

"this is kind of awkward" I whispered to aleks as he chuckled linking his arm with mine shaking me a bit. "you'll be fine" he whispered back making me roll my eyes looking out the window.

When we pulled up to the convention center I paid the lad and walked to the other four as we waited for the rest. When they arrived we slipped into the convention center passed everyone but it wasn't soon after everyone else was pouring inside just like yesterday.

We went up the escalator and went from floor to floor till we got to the 4th floor where the twitch booth stood. I looked around to the people surrounding the twitch booth until I noticed who I was looking for.

"Kevin!" I yelled running past everyone hugging my little weird voiced friend, I swear he sounds like a 40 year old man but to some people, he Looks like a 17 year old hunk..

HM I don't see it..

He hugged me tightly as everyone caught up. Kevin exchanged hugs with sly, aleks, and James. Kevin hasn't exactly talked to Brooke much. Maybe like once.


I looked past him and waved to Jeremy before turning back to the guys.

"ok so what's the plan?" I asked quickly looking around us. Jordan took a step forward and Dan pulled out the camera. I eventually caught on as they all turned into a semi circle, Dan started recording and that's when Jordan I guess put on his retarded act.

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