keeper {aleks marchant} by jacksgazebos
keeper {aleks marchant}by meg
moving to a small town in littleton, colorado seemed to be the worst thing to happen in my adult life, but it slowly starts to change to be the best thing to happen to m...
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Cow Chop x Reader Book by ChowCopp
Cow Chop x Reader Bookby K-Dizzle
Short x reader stories for fans of Cow Chop!! (Female x Reader) (I take requests)
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  • modestcube
  • internjoe
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Cow Chop/The Creatures One Shots by chloeprxce
Cow Chop/The Creatures One Shotsby Chloe Elizabeth Price
just some one shots of the cow chop and old creature members :)
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  • jordanmathewson
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Apartment 311 ✧NovaHD✧ by k-chouko
Apartment 311 ✧NovaHD✧by k-chouko
When moving into Water Tower Flats in the town of Arvada, Colorado, 22 year old Aleksandr Marchant was hoping for a new life. A new start. Something or even someone to a...
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Youtubers x readers. (Taking Requests!) by KickinDaisys
Youtubers x readers. (Taking KickinDaisys
Lots of X Reader fanfics! Please leave a comment of which ones you'd like to see in the future or any repeat youtubers that you'd like YouTubers I watch and know most a...
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  • h2odelirious
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The Creatures and Cow Chop Imagines and Preferences by theelegantwalrus
The Creatures and Cow Chop The Heggles
Silly, romantic and platonic imagines and preferences for The Creature Hub and Cow Chop! Enjoy! {Complete as of 24/07/16}
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  • joeextreme
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Seeing You || Uberhaxornova x Reader by creaturekiann
Seeing You || Uberhaxornova x ᴍᴇɢᴀɴ
You moved to Colorado to achieve your dream to become a You-tuber and live a wonderful life and to see your best friend. Next thing you know you meet James Wilson aka Ub...
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Preferences & One Shots [cow chop] by caylynneliz
Preferences & One Shots [cow chop]by caylynn
I honestly think the title is pretty self explanatory but whatever.
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Cow Chop x Reader One Shots by Sootsy
Cow Chop x Reader One Shotsby Løvë, Mår❥
Wonderwall /won•der•wall/ (Adjective) Someone you find yourself thinking about all the time; the person you are completely infatuated with. ✩✬✩ Because I am literal Cow...
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Casual Affair | ImmortalHD/Matthew Daddario [2] by grvysontodd
Casual Affair | ImmortalHD/ skyler
when she broke away from him, she was finally able to breath again. while he, on the other hand, was left to drown within himself (a.) where a young woman is left heartb...
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Cow Chop One Shots - x reader by handsomehats
Cow Chop One Shots - x readerby Maggie
This fandom needs some new fresh good shit. Here's a few stories
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OneShots (Closed) by QuietButDeadly
OneShots (Closed)by QuietButDeadly
Here is where I will be posting all of the oneshots that I write. Enjoy!
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  • omega
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Skinny Love (ImmortalHD/Aleks Marchant) by sighcarls
Skinny Love (ImmortalHD/Aleks ❝ғar away❞
Skinny Love - A relationship between two people who are very much in love with each other; but are far too embarrassed to express their feelings. The relationship is &qu...
  • fanfiction
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Chat - |NOVAHD| by anemotrashcanaf
Chat - |NOVAHD|by ✨Blazeener✨
//A texting story about Cow Chop's conversation when James and Aleks become a couple (NovaHD) \\ !!!REDOING AND EDITING!!!!! !!!!! THIS TEXTING STORY IS NOW ONLY COW CHO...
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The Creatures & Cow Chop Imagine by shithead-chan
The Creatures & Cow Chop Imagineby shithead
a collection of oneshots containing: reader x a member/employee of the creatures I'm currently taking in request so if you want one done just message me. update: despit...
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Change of Heart ( Female Reader x Aleks Marchant ) by ellibeans
Change of Heart ( Female Reader ✧・゚: * ⦅ elli ⦆ *:・゚✧
You're an up and coming YouTuber attending a con where you will be hosting your very own panel for the first time. While in attendance, you run into the Cow Chop crew. O...
  • immortalhd
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Cow Chop × Reader Imagines  by Geekynerd122
Cow Chop × Reader Imagines by Geekynerd122
If you request it I'll write it! Just tell me who and I'll do it :) Cow chop
  • trevor
  • uberhaxornova
  • immortalhd
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Little Shit ✿{NovaHD}✿ by pubugu
Little Shit ✿{NovaHD}✿by ✧Cait✧
AU of NovaHD Aleks is a punk kid on the streets of Denver, James sees him freezing on the side of the road and asks if he can buy a drink. These lil shits are honestly t...
  • novahd
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Such A Short Time (Aleks Marchant x Reader) by j0rdaddy
Such A Short Time (Aleks kevin?
This fan fiction is about the creatures ( Mostly about Aleks )
  • romantic
  • 10chapters
  • youtube
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New Girl - The Creatures by kmc613
New Girl - The Creaturesby Kayla
Samantha Murphy is a 21-year-old that, thanks to a friend of a friend, just moved into the house of a YouTube group named The Creatures, expecting nothing more than a pl...
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