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Friday the 13th: YouTubers Die by CorgiJones
Friday the 13th: YouTubers Dieby Grant Jones
A group of Gamers decide it would be best to get away from the electronics and go to Camp Crystal Lake in Illinois to enjoy some nature time. But when Lauren finds someo...
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  • slyfoxhound
  • pirategrayson
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The Rabbit And The Fox by islapmofos
The Rabbit And The Foxby islapmofos
He hated how the older man stared at him, like he was a piece of meat. Like he was a rabbit and Eddie was the fox.
  • xxslyfoxhoundxx
  • abuse
  • xxslyxx
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Abstracted [Cowchop x Reader] by kittchop
Abstracted [Cowchop x Reader]by kittchop
Los Angeles is where the boys ended up after being evicted. How much can a year change a person? abstracted:// lost in thought and unaware of one's surroundings or acti...
  • immortalhd
  • cowchop
  • drama
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Team crafted & Friends Headcannons! by Fridaythekid
Team crafted & Friends Headcannons!by Pan Friday
All headcannons/AUs/Oneshots!
  • teamcrafted
  • skydoesminecraft
  • cavemanfilms
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Listless [CowChop x Reader] by kittchop
Listless [CowChop x Reader]by kittchop
Moving to Colorado was something you've wanted to do for a long time. You move in next to a group of guys who have a YouTube channel called CowChop. What could go wrong...
  • romance
  • cowchop
  • modestcube
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Maroon Sweater (Immortalanex fanfiction) by alexsfaye
Maroon Sweater (Immortalanex Alex Faye
Kevin is a bad boy. Aleks is the new kid who is quiet and polite. "I like your sweater. It's cute." "Thanks." "But I'd prefer it off you, along...
  • badboy
  • creatures
  • aleks
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Player // Immortalhd x Reader by PowerOverDrive
Player // Immortalhd x Readerby PowerOverDrive
C O M P L E T E D He was a player, a tramp, a slut, a fuckboi, whatever. He was all of those things, Aron, Joe, James, Trevor, Brett, and Asher continuously warn me to n...
  • immortalhd
  • cowchop
  • uberhaxornova
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CowChop+TheCreatures X Readers Imagines by MajesticNobHD
CowChop+TheCreatures X Readers sam rhee ♡☆
A book dedicated to Creature imagines! Request are welcomed! Some smut.
  • imagines
  • uberhaxornova
  • kootra
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Apartment 311 ✧NovaHD✧ by k-chouko
Apartment 311 ✧NovaHD✧by k-chouko
When moving into Water Tower Flats in the town of Arvada, Colorado, 22 year old Aleksandr Marchant was hoping for a new life. A new start. Something or even someone to a...
  • immortalhd
  • novahd
  • uberhaxornova
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Spiritually Active [Book 1] (Creature Hybrid AU) by mintberrysunrise
Spiritually Active [Book 1] ( Izzy
A fanfiction surrounding the Creatures becoming actual hybrid creatures! catJordan, bearDanz, wolfSeamus, foxEddie, houndJames, and rabbitAleks. Pairings: NovaHD, SlyPKC
  • nova
  • uberhaxornova
  • creatures
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Adore | Matthew Daddario [3] by grvysontodd
Adore | Matthew Daddario [3]by skyler
"IS IT HUMAN TO ASK FOR MORE? IS IT HUMAN TO ADORE LIFE?" your past haunts you, no matter how badly you'd wished it had simply washed away. [Features Cast...
  • matthewdaddario
  • thecreatures
  • sebastianstan
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The Internship / Cow Chop Fanfic  by LoveAlcove
The Internship / Cow Chop Fanfic by LoveAlcove
"maybe this isn't that bad...", I smiled. "no it's not... now kiss me.", he pushed me on the bed. a new job at cow chop brings josephine a lot of ex...
  • youtube
  • cowchop
  • immortalhd
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NovaHD Collection (Oneshots) by TwilightHayley
NovaHD Collection (Oneshots)by Hayley
A series of oneshots about Aleks and James. All take place in the canon universe - aka, they are their usual, gaming, idiotic selves. If you're looking for oneshots set...
  • aleks
  • creatures
  • oneshots
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Casual Affair | ImmortalHD/Matthew Daddario [2] by grvysontodd
Casual Affair | ImmortalHD/ skyler
when she broke away from him, she was finally able to breath again. while he, on the other hand, was left to drown within himself (a.) where a young woman is left heartb...
  • thecreatures
  • chrisevans
  • anthonymackie
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Wrong Number (Uberhaxornova) by cowuch
Wrong Number (Uberhaxornova)by cowuch
Unknown number: OMG! MOM I GOT THE NEW JOB!!!!! I START TOMORROW!!!!! J: I'm not your mom but congrats bro! Who knew one wrong number could change someone's life so dra...
  • wrongnumber
  • cowchop
  • thejoeextreme
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cow chop preferences, imagines, and scenarios!⋆.*ೃ✧ by switchblade_
cow chop preferences, imagines, switchblade_
because why not? rated mature because ion know things might get a lil spicy (credit to cowhunter on tumblr for the image, i added the text to it)
  • jameswilson
  • thecreaturehub
  • youtubeimagine
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4:25pm |uberhaxornova| by frick-aleks
4:25pm |uberhaxornova|by fanfiction loser
"hey james, did you see that girl?" "yeah, she always walks around, at exactly 4:25pm, every day." highest rating; #9 on uberhaxornova
  • uberhaxornova
  • immortalhd
  • danznewz
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Chop Chapters - Cow Chop Preferences by playgroundxprince
Chop Chapters - Cow Chop Kalyn
A book of Cow Chop preferences (including old members!)
  • immortalhd
  • cowchopanna
  • cowchopimagines
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DM's >> UberHaxorNova {Book 1} by AALovell
DM's >> UberHaxorNova {Book 1}by Raider
*@UberHaxorNova has followed you!* *Conversation with James* UberHaxorNova: Hi =================== *Mentions of suicide and bullying. *Sequel is published.
  • jameswilson
  • danznewz
  • dextermanning
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OneShots (Closed) by QuietButDeadly
OneShots (Closed)by QuietButDeadly
Here is where I will be posting all of the oneshots that I write. Enjoy!
  • oneshots
  • smut
  • ziall
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