Chapter 5 : Comic con Part 1

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It was about 8 in the morning that i woke up to 3 guys in costumes. I slowly rose from the ground and stretched letting out a huge yawn. I looked around and then at Dan, James, and Aleks all in there costumes all i wanted to do was laugh at them. I blinked a few times to make sure i wasn't just imagining things, but then i realised why would i imagine them wearing that? I stood up and they noticed i was up.

"Morning em" James sang sitting on his bed. I stretched again letting a yawn escape from my lips. I looked over at the bag with my costume. I strutted over slouching a bit grabbing the bag. "Go change into your costume" Dan said leaning back. "M kay" I yawned again walking over to the bathroom shutting the door and began to change. I did my regular stuff and didn't put my mask on till we got to convention center.

I finished dressing and walked out and put my shoe covers onto my vans and i walked over brushing my teeth and brushed my hair. I walked over and sat with aleks on his bed and laid back. "Ok so everyone's quiet and this is awkward" I mumbled looking at the ceiling. Even though i couldn't see them, I could feel their eyes on me. We finally had breakfeast and caught a cab to the convention center.

I guess we were all just tired cause now james is the most talkitive of everyone once we all were awake. We stood outside close to a street by a little grass pit that's when we started a small vlog.

"Hey guys BatDans here and today we are at Comic con 2013! and if you remember my previous video, i was looking for a new robin cause you know the last one kind of died in a tragic incident" I was trying not to laugh as he went on. "And today i called many possible candidates and only three were able to actually make it," He took the camera and showed James as he danced around and tried to show his possible, 'Moves'. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Robin stop laughing you know i have the best agility here" I rolled my eyes and immediatley went back to 4th grade gymnastics. I got back up from my hand stand i was currently in. "Ok now who's the most felxible?" I said getting in his face. He looked down and flicked his toes. "...You are.."

"That's right bitch!" I hopped around and dans put the camera on us showing us. I wave with a huge grin on my face still bouncing. I looked around to see a boy walking towards us, tbh he looked like a total dork. I didn't want to be mean so I stayed quiet till he started flirting with me. I backed up and he took a step closer till I walked over and grabbed aleks arm and stood there.

"Sorry taken" I stated pointing a finger up at aleks. Aleks eyes widened but nodded. I mumbled a quiet thanks to him and he nodded at me. The boy walked away and I let go of aleks arm letting out a deep breath. I wiped away the sweat that was building on my face and let out one more breath looking around.

Before we could even get inside we were stopped by many people asking pictures. Finally we got inside and made our way through to the ticket booth.

"Hello! and welcome to Comic con 2013! tickets please" A lady cheered giving a huge, half creepy, half what the fuck smile. I smiled slowly back at her as we handed her our four tickets and we walked into the convention immediately after we got in there we got stopped for another fuckin picture. I groaned and we smiled and shiz and we walked away.

Dan stopped us and took out the camera. "Ok robin number one, every famous super hero has there own action figure. So I need you to see if there is a robin if you find one, you get a point." James nodded and ran off into the figures yelling for assistance. I followed with aleks behind with the camera.

"Excuse me!" He screeched "Is there a robin action figure!?" A man nodded and handed him one. "I GOT IT BATDANS" He screamed. I walked over and got dan and brought him to james as he hopped around with the action figure. "See batdans I got it" He cheered like a child on Christmas. "How much is it robin number 1?" James flipped it over checking for the price. "Hmmm it says $60 bat dollars." I grinned as his way of now using bat for everything. "Batdans give me the bat credit card" Dan handed him his card as he ran off to pay for it. I looked his way rolling my eyes.

Aleks finally stopped recording and we waited for james to get back. I strolled over to aleks jumping onto his back. I put my head into the crook of his neck and I sat there. I let out a small yawn looking around my eyes watered.

I smacked my tongue inside my mouth a few times and put my head back into the crook of his neck and stayed there for a bit.

*Alek's POV*

We were here at comic con. Me, James, Dan, and.. Emilee.. To be honest, I like Emilee, I mean I really like her. She's cute, funny, and just amazing. I've grown to know her for almost a year now and just in these past months I've grown to know her and her friends but especially her. She's kind of like there little group leader. Emilee... Oh Emilee...

I woke up from dreaming standing with extra weight on my back. I turned to look around and saw Emilee there cuddling against me. you don't know how good this felt. I held onto her legs making sure we wouldn't fall and waited for James to get back with the robin figure. I looked at her once again then to dans standing there with James, Both wiggling there eyebrows. I rolled my eyes as we moved through the convention. I carried her through the millions of people. I held onto her tighter against me as we moved through the people.

I felt her move against me and her head lift up slowly off my shoulder.

"Oh my god I am so sorry aleks I didn't mean to you know fall asleep on you" She apologized putting her head on my shoulder looking forward.

"no no it's fine it's fine I don't really mind at all" I assured her looking her in the eyes as I followed Dan and James. She smiled slightly and put her head back down letting out a slight sigh


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