Chapter 31: The camping date

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Me, sly, Brooke, aleks, Jordan, Dan, and James were in different cars now going to the camping site Jordan reserved for us.

Yup we're camping and Jordan wanted to make a video on it.. And its Friday, the day me and aleks date was supposed to take place I guess nature will be our setting.

Then the soon to be poorly made fire will be our scenery.

"are we there yet?" I groaned.

I'm the type of person that does not love outside even though I spent my life there, my step-mother was a smoker so every day its pretty much a signal to get the fuck out.

Which I did. I would just walk around outside and climb my usual orange tree and sit in the leaves peeling all the good oranges eating them. Just day dreaming. That was also at my dads home in Florida.

When I grew up, I moved here to Colorado. Things changed, it got cold.

"Almost" Sly sang as I threw my head up looking at the ceiling. I gave a slight grunt of disapproval. Making Brooke giggle in her seat. Aleks seemed pretty focused on driving, I couldn't blame him either.

When I saw us pull into a very foresty area, I sat up in my seat un doing my seat belt then.

"Finally! Ooh that looks like a good climbing tree!!" Brooke giggled as she pointed out another good sized tree. I nodded as we made plans to hang out in a tree today at some point.

I got out of the car as we parked and Jordan and them pulled in beside us getting out. Jordan walked in but quickly back out holding papers .

We're over here he had us walk over to the concrete pad and we all agreed going back to the cars unpacking.


They boys had the tent out beginning to, put it up, so me and Brooke found a tree that was right next to the pad and I began climbing up with her behind me.

I looked around and I saw many pairs of eyes on us and that wasn't including the guys.

People that were close to us had there eyes glued on us as they saw our abilities. I hoisted my self over a branch and sat down Brooke sitting on the opposite one. I laid back getting my phone out holding it over my head resting the back of my head on my arm.

The boys looked up at us in accomplishment just to be thrown down again to see where we were.

"How in the jell did you get up there" James said crossing his arms.

"We climbed.." I said slowly. "How did you climb up there there's no branches" Jordan said still surprised,

"Well I've been climbing trees for years, and I taught Brooke when we met. I showed her my spot in the orange tree and I taught her out to get up and out of there, it's really easy once you learn your footing" they nodded as I laid back.

A boy walked over and threw a nut at me as I sat up grabbing a bigger nut or more of a pine cone chucking it at him. He backed away and chuckled.

"Your like a squirrel!" he yelled and I just laid back.

"and your just an annoying brat, get the fuck away" he rolled his eyes and tossed another nut up here. Finally I had enough and sat up dropping out of the tree. Landing on my feet kind of hard.

I stood up straight from my previous squat position from hitting the ground and I walked over to him.

"Get the fuck out.." I said slowly making sire he understood.

I didn't get much sleep from the wedding yesterday so I'm a bit cranky.

"Make me" he said.

"Ooh you got balls don't you buddy" he grinned crossing his arms.

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