(Danae's POV)

I hung up the phone, and headed back over to where Pete was sitting. We were still at the venue, everyone had insisted on celebrating our engagement tonight. Pete wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear. I was a little worried about Non she hadn't sounded like herself on the phone. Maybe it was cause of how early it was over there.

"How she take the news?"

"She was ecstatic. I mean I did kinda wake her up at about four am eastern, but she was happy for us." He smiled.

"Good. Everything else okay with them." I nodded and realized that I was really tired.

"Baby you think we can call it a night? I'm exhausted." He simply nodded and we both got up and headed to the car. As I opened the door to get in, my cell phone rang. I flipped the phone open and put it up to my ear. "Hello,"

"Hey beautiful," I froze.

"How did you get this number?" I asked.

"I have my ways, you know I was thinking that when I get out of jail maybe I should go and pay a visit to Nonnie and Payton. You know a girl needs her daddy around."

"Rick, if you lay a finger on either one of them..."

"You won't have to worry about that if you come visit me."

"I'm not in New York anymore," I said. Pete got back out of the car and walked over to me. I knew that I was letting Rick pull me back in, but last time he said he wouldn't go after Non this time he just promised to.

"Well you should take a vacation." Pete took the phone from my hand. His face turned to stone once he heard Rick's voice on the line. He slammed the phone down on the ground and it smashed into a million tiny pieces.

"Pete!" I screamed.

"We just got engaged and you're making plans to go visit your abusive, rapist ex-boyfriend?"

"That's not how it was, I don't even know how he got the number," I said trying to defend myself. This isn't the way I planned on spending my night.

(Pete's POV)

"You were just making plans to visit him in jail. What am I supposed to think?" I screamed back.

"I wasn't going to see him..." she stopped mid-sentence and she got this guilty look. "He said he would go after Payton and Non if I didn't come see him."

"Isn't that the same thing he said before about Non? Did he keep his word then?" This was so frustrating. I just told her that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and she's ready to run back to New York for him.

"Pete I can't let him hurt anyone else...It's bad enough what he's already done," I took a deep breath to calm myself. The adrenaline pumping through my veins was making me a little shaky. I clinched and unclenched my fist a few times hoping that would help. I wasn't really mad at her. At least I don't think I was. I was mad that Rick kept coming back into our lives and of all the nights for him to make an appearance he chose tonight. I walked over to her and put my arms around her, instantly the anger was gone.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell and start a fight. I'm sorry about your phone too." She buried her face in my neck and I tried to think of what else I should say. I mean I've done everything I can to help her break free of his control and things like this keep on happening. "Let's go home,"

(Frank's POV)

I woke up to hear Nonnie whimpering in her sleep. I shook her shoulder to wake her and her eyes opened as if nothing was wrong.

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