Chapter 1

(Nonnie's POV)

"I can't believe that stupid doctor Frank. Both me and the baby feel fine." I said in frustration as he propped up my feet with a pillow. "And you know this means that we have to postpone the wedding right?" he looked at me and smiled.

"Do you really want to risk her being right and something happening to you or the baby?" I rolled my eyes I hate when he's right. "It's really not that bad babe. You get to be waited on hand and foot. Take advantage." he really didn't mean that did he? "I'll be down the hall in the studio with the guys, ring me if you need anything." he said handing me my cell phone. I waited 'till he was out of the room to look around at our new house.

Well semi-new. We'd only been her for 6 months. We moved in immediately after the label gave us the keys. I still couldn't get over how beautiful this place was. I'd never stayed in a place as nice. It had hard wood floors through out all 7 bedrooms, three of them had private bathrooms. There were three more bathrooms one on each floor. It had a studio, a huge kitchen that I made Frank promise never to step foot into, a separate dining room, a finished basement and a three car garage.

I was sitting on the couch in the living room the walls were a heather gray, with a white trim. We also had two love seats and a lounger that Frank said every man should have in his house. We needed a lot of seating because we always had people over. I mean the guys didn't live here, even though they had an open invitation. They all said that Frank and I should live by our selves for a while, learn to be together. I wasn't complaining it was going to be enough cleaning up after Frank and this little one. Let alone four other guys. I keep trying to hook them up with girls, but none of them can keep a girlfriend for longer than two weeks. I still made sure that all the extra rooms were furnished and ready for when ever they wanted to stay.

There was also a huge plasma TV and a fire place both fought to be the focal point in the room. I started flipping channels. Finally settling on MTV, they were playing the video that the guys had recently released. It went to the song I'm Not Okay (I Promise), one of my favorites. It came to the scene where Frank drinks an unknown liquid from the beaker in science class, I felt a tickle-like sensation.

"So you like seeing daddy on TV huh?" I said. I knew that my baby was going to be a girl, I just couldn't decide on the name it was a toss up between Paige and Payton and don't even get me started on middle names. I didn't even have any ideas. The door bell rang interrupting my thoughts on names.

I thought about calling Frank or one of the guys to answer it, but I decided against it since the door was right there. I rolled off the couch landing on my knees, then used the couch and the coffee table as leverage to get up. I walked over to the door.

"Who is it?" I said while opening the door. I stepped out onto the porch and my foot kicked something. I looked down to see a basket it was covered with a blue blanket, it started to whimper and then went into a full cry. I sat down cause bending over was out of the question and removed the blanket. There was a baby, crying his little eyes out. I picked him up, cradling him in my arms.

(Frank's POV)

"Is she okay?" Mikey said.

"Yeah she's just got a terrible case of cabin fever." I said closing the door behind me. Gerard was in the booth laying down the vocals, for our new song "Mama".

"Dude she's only been on bed rest for one day." Ray said.

"Are we talking about the same Nonnie Woods who can't sit through a recording session?" I asked.

"Point taken." Ray said. I looked over to see that the doorbell was being rung. We had it set up so that if that should happen a red light would flash in here.

"I bet ten bucks she gets up and answers the door." Gerard said coming out of the booth. We all got up and rushed to the end of the hall peaking out to see what she would do.

"Dude I can't see." Bob said. She put the phone down on the table and then rolled onto the floor. I had to laugh at her method of getting up. Then she walked over to the door and swung it open then she stepped out. We waited for her to come back in to say she was busted, but she didn't. I walked over to the door to see her sitting in the doorway. She was holding something in her arms. As I got closer I saw that it was a baby.

"Nonnie whose baby?" I asked the guys following my lead.

"I don't know I just opened the door and here he was. He's a handsome little thing. Help me up?" I grabbed her under her arms careful not to let her drop the baby and helped her back to the couch.

"Non who said you could give birth on the front step?" I knew one of those idiots was going to say it. It was Ray.

"Ray, I'm having a girl not a boy okay?" She said.

"Oh...then whose kid?"

"That's the million dollar question." Gerard said. I went back out side and grabbed the basket from the porch. Then sat it on the coffee table. I moved the blanket around.

"Right there," Non said pointing to the corner of the basket there was a small corner of an envelope. I picked it up and looked at it. "Well open it, so we can find out which one of your friends got a girl pregnant." She said looking around accusingly at the guys. I pealed back the envelopes flap and took out a few papers. One was a note. I moved so that Non and I could read it together:

Frank this is Bradyn Anthony Iero, he is your son. I know that this may come as a surprise, but that one night we spent together turned in to him. I'm sorry to just spring this on you, but I can't take care of him anymore. It's a complicated situation. I know that you are a good man and will take good care of him. I'm sorry if this causes trouble for you.

Yours truly,

Trisha Barnes

I felt like all the air had been sucked out of the room. "I...I have to go, Gerard can you take me somewhere please." Non said not looking at me anymore. She placed the baby back into the basket gently.

"Non your supposed to be..." Gerard started.

"I'll leave by myself." she threatened.

"Non I think we should talk." I said.

"I don't want to talk about it I want to go out." I looked over at Gerard, he quickly helped her to her feet and then they disappeared out the front door.

"Frank, lets go arrange for a DNA test." Mikey said. I ran my hand through my hair. Why would she choose now? Why didn't she tell me sooner? What if I lose Non because of this?

"Dude, pick him up. He's crying." Bob said wrenching me from my thoughts. I reached out and picked up my son.

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