(Nonnie's POV)

We followed Gerard all for an hour or so until we arrived at this small cabin like house, it was in the middle of the woods. We all got out of the cars and he walked up to the door, he took out the key and opened it. "Gerard how did you do all this?" I said looking around the room there was a meal set up for us all to enjoy, there were candles lit everywhere.

"Interns at the record label, they allowed me to borrow them to fix this place up for the night. After diner we will be out of your hair." we all found seats and started eating. After we finished eating we all went into the next room it had been cleared out so that we could dance. "You can't have a wedding without the first dance." Gerard explained.

"If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys started playing and I wrapped my arms around Franks neck. We swayed to the music and I sung the lyrics in his ear as we danced. As the song came to an end we looked around to find that they had all left. It was just Frank and me. We didn't say any words he just took my hand and we walked upstairs.

We made it up to the bedroom which was candle lit as well. It also had rose peddles sprinkled around. He pulled me close into his arms and kissed me. "So Mrs. Iero, I didn't get to tell you how beautiful you look?"

"You don't have to sweet talk me Frank tonight is a done deal." I said kissing him again.

"Way to kill the mood Non," He said with a smile.

"Now that bed is looking really inviting. If only I had a groom to share it with... oh wait" I said rolling my eyes with a smile. The swooped me up into his arms. "Frank I weigh way too much put me down before you hurt us both."

"You're as light as a feather." he said carrying me toward the bed. Then he put my feet back on the floor.

"Do you think you can help me with this?" I said turning around and pulling my hair out of the way so he could see the zipper in the back of my dress. I let the dress fall to the floor and he wrapped his arms around me. He started kissing my neck where I'd moved my hair. I leaned back against his body enjoying the feel of his hands on my body. He picked me up this time I didn't protest and laid me on the bed.

(Danae' POV)

I rocked Bradyn to sleep, we had been the lucky ones to watch him for the newly weds. I gently put him into the crib and walked to the room Pete and I had chosen. I saw Pete had already climbed into bed and was sleeping peacefully. Tomorrow once Non and Frank came home we would be headed back to LA, and I couldn't wait. I missed the warm Santa Ana Breeze. I crawled into the bed and wrapped my arms around him. Moving in close to him, I really don't know how he keeps himself smelling so good.

(Frank's POV)

The moon shined brightly across Non's face as I watched her sleep. She looked so completely at peace sleeping in my arms. How could anyone... I pushed the thought of the people who have hurt her in the past out of my mind. This overwhelming need to protect her was always present with me.

She's changed so much since the thing with Rick. She used to be this trusting person, and she was never shy. Now she doesn't trust any one accept our friends. When new people come around she gets so shy, she barely says a word and never makes eye contact with them. Plus she's still afraid of crowds, its worst now 'cause even when I'm there it doesn't help her. "Frank?" she said with her eyes closed.


"Are you watching my sleep again?" I smiled.


"Stop worrying," she said looking me in the eye.

"It's my job,"

"No, at least not tonight. Tonight nothing outside this room exists." she pulled me into a kiss. "It's just you and me." I kissed her forehead.

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