Chapter 116

[i]Five Years Later[/i]

(Nonnie's POV)

"Frank Anthony Iero!" I screamed as I saw my son rounding the corner with blue hair.

"Honey..." he said in a small voice following Bradyn.

"Frank why does Bradyn have blue hair?" I asked.

"Well see I sort promisehimhecouldhaveanycolorhairhewantsifhelearnedthatnewsongontheguitar," I looked at him like he was crazy.

"Will you please say that in English?" I said putting my hands on my hips.

"Daddy you're in trouble." Payton said coming and standing beside me and putting her hands on her hips like me.

"Babe you shouldn't get all riled up. You know it's not good for the baby." he stepped closer to me and rubbed my belly. I was five months pregnant and we were having another baby boy. I was happy that they hadn't put me on bed rest this time.

"Don't you dare try and use the baby to get out of this. Why did you let him get blue hair and why today of all days?" Today was when Linda was coming home. She had gone with a temporary insanity plea and they bought it. We all knew she wasn't crazy, but the jury bought it and that was all that mattered. She got five years in a mental health facility cause after all she had only killed a rapist.

"My mother will love his hair," Frank said pulling me close and making me lay my head on his shoulder.

"She left me in charge," I said like we were children left home while our parents were out on a date. He just smiled.

"It's only semi-permanent," he said. I rolled my eyes called Payton.

"Baby girl I gotta finish your hair so you can look pretty when you see grandma." After I finished braiding her long silky hair we headed to the airport where we had to pick up Ray, William, Tommy who was now six, Danae, Pete, and Petey. Yup she named their four-month-old son after his father. There was a huge fight that was quickly settled, with the promise that she would have the right to name any future children what ever she wanted. We drove in two separate cars, the women in one car and the men in the other.

"So you're crazy mother in law is coming home today. To live with you guys..." Rachael said.

"It's temporary, Frank's going to buy her a house close to her old one." I responded. "And your mother in law is crazier than mine,"

"Mine didn't kill anyone," she said.

"No she just calls all time of the night asking William to come over and help her clean the gutters." I said with a laugh. Bill and Rachael had gotten married a month after Danae and Pete. Rachael put her foot down and said if he didn't make an honest women out of her she would... well she never exactly told me the whole threat, but whatever it was worked and they were married hurriedly a month later. I know though for a fact that William was planning on asking her to marry him that day anyway I had helped him pick out the ring.

"She has Alzheimer's decease. So she has an excuse." She responded with a pout.

"Whatever just don't call her crazy in front of Frank. He gets really touchy about that." I said.

"I bet he does, cause she's not crazy. Overprotective yes, crazy no," Danae said you would think that Danae was related to the woman the way she defended her. I guess it had to do with the whole her finally being free from Rick's hold. We pulled up to the mental institution and unloaded all the kids. Everyone was arriving at the same time including the rest of the band Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Bob. They had all finally gotten girl friends that stuck around for more than a week. Mikey had Erelin, Gerard had Marcia, Ray had Ollie, and Bob had a cute red head named Amanda. Things were finally looking up.

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