(Frank's POV)

The door opened and the doctor came out, Danae hadn't let go of my hand. I gotta remember to thank her once Non is okay. Yes I said "once she's okay" not "if" cause I will not believe any different. I stood up.

"Mr. Iero?" He said, this was a different doctor.


"You have a beautiful baby girl," I smiled.

"And my wife?"

"Once we stop the clotting in her blood, there shouldn't be anymore problems." He didn't sound too convinced. "Would you like to hold your daughter?" I nodded and followed him down the hall, apparently they had already moved her into a different room.

"Why is she down here instead of with her mother?"

"We are working hard to stop the clotting we didn't want you to see her like that." I nodded my understanding and followed him. They made me change into a pair of scrubs and took me into the nursery. I looked into the bassinet that said Iero, and wrapped in a fuzzy pink blanket was my daughter.

"Have you chosen a name?" the nurse asked.

"Yes, but I want her mother to give it to you," I said. She nodded and walked away. I sat down in the chair that was near by. I reached into the bassinet and unwrapped the blanket that was around her. "Hi there," I said counting her fingers and toes. "Ten and ten, very good," I said. "Now I know what your name is but I really want your mother to say it to you for the first time. I don't know why, I just do."

"You can hold her if you want," the nurse said walking over to me. She reached in and rewrapped her in the blanket. Then she picked her up and put her into my arms. "I see someone has a little bit of experience," she said with a smile.

"Yeah, I have a son at home." then I looked down and she looked up at me. Her eyes were brown like Non's but she was lighter than Non though she had the complexion of caramel.

"Mr. Iero?" I looked up to see the doctor who had been working on Non. I stood up with the baby in my arms.

"Is she..."

"You can see her now," he said. He didn't answer my question though. I nodded and the nurse took the baby from my arms. "She lost a lot of blood, right now we are circulating her own blood to hopefully get her back on track. It will be good if she wakes up tonight, that would be a very good sign." I passed by Pete and Danae.

"You guys should go see her, she's beautiful," I said. "Doctor tell her sister the news," I said it loud so Danae would hear. I wanted her to know what was going on too. I was afraid of what I would see once I opened the door.

I stepped into the room and was surprised. Looking at her you would think she was asleep. She just looked pale, and I could see the iv going into her arm. I went to the side of her bed and sat down in the chair. I took her hand in mine.

"You should wake up," I said. " I decided on a middle name for Payton, I need you to be awake so you can talk me out of it. Not to mention that she wants to see you. You know she has your eyes, ten fingers, and ten toes. You did really good." I laid my head on top of our hands. "Now just wake up, cause I don't think I can handle two kids without you."

(Nonnie's POV)

"Okay that's it," I heard Frank say, "You have forced my hand. I'm really going to do it this time Non," I couldn't tell what the heck he was talking about, but I liked to hear his voice. "Nurse I'm ready to name my daughter,"

"Are you sure, her vital signs are getting stronger each day," a female voice I didn't recognize said.

"Yeah, she's just being stubborn now. Do you have a pen?"

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