Chapter 108

(Danae's POV)

"So you're flying out tonight?" I asked Ray on the phone. She and Bill were coming out to help us deal with the trial. I mean they were basically going to watch the kids so Linda wouldn't have to.

"Yeah we'll be there around 2:00 Am." the door opened and Non and Frank walked in.

"Ray I'll be there to pick you guys up, but I have to go now Non and Frank just got back from the Doctor."

"But I wanna know..."

"I'll tell you when you guys get here," I said rushing her off the phone. "So what's the news?" I asked after hanging up.

"So I'm not pregnant," Non said. I didn't know weather to be happy or sad so I just sat there keeping a neutral face.

"It's okay, we really wouldn't be able to handle another kid now any way. The doctor said someone mixed up my samples. Frank wants to sue I don't really think its worth it. I mean we were just a little scared, nothing really happened." Non said. Frank didn't look convinced at all. In fact he looked pissed, like he wanted to hit something.

"Ray's flying in tonight." I said. I instantly saw Franks face light up. He and Ray were both fierce protectors of Nonnie. Well really Ray was a protector of all her friends, but since Frank was so over protective of Non he and Ray had bonded over that.

"Is Bill coming too?" Non asked. She got along disgustingly well with Bill. It was like they bonded over Frank and Ray's bond. We were a close nit group and everyone got along pretty well. We were lucky that way.

"Yeah and they are bringing Thomas too. They said they wanted to help out since the trial starts tomorrow." I saw Non's smile instantly fall and Frank reached over and grabbed her hand. "I'm sorry..."

"No, it's nothing I know its tomorrow.  I know." Non said she looked like she might be sick. Then she gave a fake smile. "I think I'm going to lay down for a minute." she pulled her hand away from Frank's and headed upstairs.

"Frank do you think..."

"She's going to be fine." he said. I think he was trying to convince himself not me.

(Nonnie's POV)

I took a drink of the stale coffee they had provided me with. It was day one of the trial and the lawyers thought it would be best to get my testimony over with. They got no complaints from me. I jumped as I heard the crowd inside the court room roar in disagreement with something that was said.

It was quiet for about ten minutes. Then the bailiff came out and escorted me into the court room. We went straight to the witness stand. They swore me in and I took my seat. My eyes immediately searched out Frank. He was sitting in the front row, with Linda beside him. He gave me an encouraging smile and I took a deep breath.

"State your name for the record please." the lawyer said. I couldn't remember his name but he was the one of the three men who had previously grilled me at one of my practice sessions.

"My name is Nonnie Lynn Iero,"

"Mrs. Iero can you tell us what happened on June 10, 2000?" I started from when I woke up that morning and went on to tell about my pretty normal day. I told them how the bathrooms were broken that day and how I had to go down to the 7eleven to use the bathroom. I told them about everything that Rick said to me and as I described how he raped me tears fell. The man kept asking if I thought I could go on. I wasn't about to say no. I wanted this over with as soon as possible.

"I watched him walk away, I couldn't breath too good so I couldn't call for help. I must have passed out and I didn't wake up for I think a week. I was in the hospital and my old friend was sitting next to me. They had to tell me all that was wrong with me cause I didn't know the extent of my injuries. Not long after I woke up the doctor told me that I was pregnant with my daughter.."

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