(Frank's POV)

I carried Non's sleeping body up to my old room. She's spent many a night in my old bed. Well before my mother found out about it, she thought back then that Non and I were together and she thought that Non was playing me and Travis. When I finally told her we were together, she didn't talk to me for a whole month. Maybe now they could learn to get along. I made my way downstairs and sat in my old seat on the couch.

"Frank why are you raising a child that isn't yours?" she asked. She had returned Payton to her car seat and now sat fidgeting in her seat.

"Mom as far as I'm concerned Payton is my child,"

"But the news said that she cheated on you with some convict." I felt anger rising in my chest.

"And you believe everything you see on TV?" I asked. She looked ashamed, but answered anyway.

"Yes, but mostly cause I can't get the real story cause you don't talk to me anymore."

"Well mom that's what happens when you refuse to come to your own sons wedding," I replied.

"I couldn't stand to see you marry the woman who broke you away from your best friend." Travis was like a second son to her.

"Mom she is my best friend and she didn't break us up. We did that on our own. Also let me point out that we are now friends again. So you have no reason to be spiteful toward her. She has never said a disrespectful word to you,"

"I don't? What about..." she motioned toward Payton and I lost it.

"Don't. You don't know what she went through. Do you know the reason she left her mothers house?" she shook her head. "The reason she was sneaking in and out of my window at night, was cause she had no where else to go. Her mother's live in boyfriend tried to rape her and her mother kicked her out." shock was written across her face. "Do you know why me and Travis stopped talking for a while, cause Nonnie left us because Travis was cheating on her." I left out that she and I were sleeping together at the time. "Do you know how she got pregnant with Payton? She..."

"Frank!" Non yelled from the steps.

"No, she needs to know," I said and kept going. "She was raped by that convict. The result was Payton and yet she still loves that child and the child that isn't hers that is on the way over here now. I cheated on her when I was on tour and she has made a place in her heart for the child that resulted. So if there is someone in this relationship that is undeserving of the other its me," when I finished my mother had tears in her eyes. Non looked worn out, like she was tired of putting up a front in front of my mother. I picked up Payton and carried her to where Non stood. "Mom, Gerard is bringing my son over could you come get me when they arrive?"

"I...could keep an eye on Payton...If you would forgive an over protective mother." she said looking at Non. I could tell that the drugs were still working on Non, I smiled as she swayed a little as she nodded okay. I handed Payton over to my mother and I followed Non upstairs.

"I didn't mean to wake you," I said as she and I climbed into my old twin sized bed.

"I wish you hadn't told her all that stuff," she said. "Now she just thinks you did those things cause you thought you had to."

"I know, but at least we can have a little bit of peace while we stay here." she snuggled closer to me and I heard her breathing slow almost instantly. I starred up at the ceiling wondering what would have happened if Non hadn't gotten pregnant and ran away. Would we have ended up together or would she still be with Travis. I mean I'm happy with how things turned out, but would she go back and change things?

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