Chapter 96

(Pete's POV)

"Babe, I don't think you should come out here," I called. I stood outside Danae's dressing room. After Frank pushed Non back into the dressing room, its become like a peep show. Almost all the men in the store were staking out the dressing rooms.

"Don't tell me Frank's rubbing off on you," she said stepping out. My mouth dropped open, she was wearing a turquoise and white bikini top and bottom. It had white beads hanging. It also had a tail in the front. Her head dress looked like an Native American head dress, that trailed down to the floor. I heard someone whistle behind me and I looked up to see Danae's was stunned. I pushed her gently back into the dressing room.

"I tried to warn you," I said with a smiled closing the door behind me.

"You could have told me."

"Don't worry about it you looked great,"

"I bet I do, I'm not really wearing anything." She said with a mischievous smile. Then she started to change out of her clothes. Once she was back in her shorts and t-shirt she handed me the costume.

"So shall I go pay for this?"

"Uh no, we have no use for that." she said. "besides I have enough lingerie to last us about three months, without wearing the same thing twice."

"Can we test that theory?" I asked pulling her into my arms.

"I don't see why not," she said kissing me. We pulled apart as someone knocked on the dressing room door.

"Food," I heard Non say. She must not have wanted to leave us behind.

"Okay, we're coming," Danae yelled back.

"Do we have to?" I asked not loosening my grip.

"Unfortunately I'm hungry too, but I'll make it up to you later. I promise." I liked the sound of that.

Chapter 97

(Frank's POV)

After we ate we shopped until I decided it was time for Nonnie to rest. Of course I had to remind her about what the doctor said before she would agree to turn in for a nap, but once her head hit the pillow she was out. I decided now would be a good time to check up on the kids. I picked up the phone next to the bed and asked the operator to connect me to my number.

"Rick you sick bastard..."

"Gerard," I said cutting him off.

"Oh Frankie, what's up?"

"You tell me,"

"Is Non on the line, I miss my baby sister."

"No, she's sleeping. Now tell me what the hell Rick has done this time."

"It's nothing he just keeps calling and your Mom answered the phone once."

"What did he say to her?"

"She won't tell us. She just seems really weird. She just does chores and takes care of the kids. It's like she's in her own world."

"Okay Gee do me a favor from now on you guys answer the phone. Don't let anyone else answer the phone."

"Alright Frank. No problem, how's the vacation going?"

"Great Non's sleeping with out nightmares so far and we did a lot of shopping."

"Good don't worry about things here, were going to take care of everything."

"Okay and thanks Gee."

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