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When Summer Ends - Chapter 1

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Copyright © 2012 Isabelle Rae.   All rights reserved.

This is just a Sample of the story, the story has now been self published and is available in paperback on and Amazon.  It's also in most ereader formats like kindle, iBooks, nook and sony. And is also on too.

This book was up on wattpad in complete form for over a year, and I first started posting it in October 2010!! It was previously titled "The perfect summer had to end sometime"  I'm sorry I have to remove most of it, but self publishing rules and the sites that I've put it up with do not allow me to "undercut" them by giving it away for free on here. Sorry guys if you didn't get a chance to read it for free. <3<3<3

                                                         When Summer Ends

                                                             By Isabelle Rae

                                                               Chapter One

 My vision was a little blurry as I continued to dance. My head was just that little bit fuzzy from the alcohol. My legs had that rubbery feeling, like I wasn’t quite in full control of myself. “Shall we drink some more?” my best friend, Amy, shouted to me over the music.

I shook my head. “I can’t drink anymore, I’ll be sick,” I answered, turning my nose up.

“You’ve only had four drinks,” she teased, laughing hysterically at me. She always did think I was a little bit pathetic because I couldn’t hold my drink at all.

“You can have one. I’ll come to the bar with you,” I shouted back, grabbing her hand so we didn’t get separated in the packed club. My other two friends didn’t want a drink, so we left them dancing.

Amy led me to the bar so I stood behind her as she waited for the barman to notice her. After about five minutes she still hadn’t been served. She turned back to me with an apologetic smile. “I desperately need to pee, can you keep my place? The guy hasn’t even looked down this end yet,” she said, nodding to the barman who was serving up the other end of the busy bar with his back to us. The place was packed, and he was on his own, he must have been a little stressed.

“Yeah, okay,” I agreed, moving into her space quickly. I leant over the bar a little so I could see if the barman was coming up this end. I watched his back; he was wearing nicely fitted jeans and a black T-shirt with the club’s logo on the back. He looked pretty toned from what I could tell, and his ass was edible. I was happily watching his ass when he turned around so I accidentally looked at his crotch. I blushed and looked away quickly, grateful that he hadn’t caught me.

Suddenly, he was walking towards me; horrified, I quickly shot my eyes up to his face. He was so handsome that my mouth started to water. His brown hair was messy and swept to one side, his mouth twisted into a smirk as he walked right up and stopped in front of me. He was tall, probably about six foot one. I felt my breath catch in my throat as I looked into his eyes. I couldn’t quite make out the colour because the club was dark, but they were fairly light, so clearly not brown. He was looking at me so intently that it made my heart start to race.

“Hi. Do you want a drink, or are you happy looking at the scenery?” he asked, smirking at me.

Damn, he’s got a sexy voice. I laughed. “Well the scenery’s pretty good in this club,” I replied, nodding, raising an eyebrow trying to look sexy. I had no idea why I was flirting with him. If he worked here then that meant he was over twenty-one, and he’d probably assumed I was too, considering I’d used a fake ID to get in the club.

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