50 || foster parents

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"Why are you so UGLY!" Fosta Mama screamed at me, making me stumble and fall onto my bed.
"AHDHANDJWNDJj" Foster Dad screamed. I don't speak gibberish.
"GE-GET AWAY FROM ME YOU MONSTERS!" I manage to sputter, my m- foster mom charging at me and whacking me upside the head.
"WHAT AN AMAZING CRITICAL HIT" Foster Dad says as I scream in agony. Why are they so mean to me?!

When the main character's parents die in a car crash on a rainy day (cliché much) and she comes out unscathed, she gets put with two older foster brothers and two seemingly nice 'parents'.


They show kindness to their children and MALICIOUS CRUELTY TO THE ORPHAN LIKE WTF WHO DOES THAT
The author decides to also make the brothers be mean to her too (yah know, punching, kicking, etcetera)

So this girl is stuck in this horrible family.
If all foster parents were like this, (this is not offensive in my eyes) but those who do live with foster parents would have run away by now, because I would have

Lostinworlds thanks for your request, but sorry I couldn't get it in because of homework and all I could do was read, AGAIN ;—;

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