45|| i do not understand

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I don't understand why girls always act so PERFECT in fanfics. Like, they wear the trending fashion style, everyone loves them, not a pound overweight, like WTF? I know it's fanfic logic and all but you're taking this too far. (Although I wish I could be cool looking like them 😟)

2- I also hate it when the author puts the title then: Harry Styles love story. Like Mrs. Author lady, you BASICALLY JUST SPOILED THE WHOLE SERIES FOR ME. THANKS.

3- The main character hides her feeling about the love of her life as well as Hinata Hyuga hides her feelings for Naruto and as well as Kiba's anger issues.

4- It's always Strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. LIKE THAT'S ALL OF THE WATTPAD POPULATION NOW A DAYS. IT SHOULD BE CONSIDERED A RACE NOW. The Green-Strawberries. PERFECT.
I know this was short and I haven't updated in quite a while 0-0 I apologize

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