13||dating and love

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so say our fanfic main character is named kylie. she is new to high school in her senior year. she meets a boy and they automatically become friends. she likes this boy. after school they kiss and become boyfriend and girlfriend.


unless the boy is harry styles and kylie is a blond bimbo who is older than him, that will NEVER HAPPEN.

i'd like to see a story when this doesn't happen.

also, once they start dating, nobody else exists in the world. parents: poof. brother: poof. everyone at school but blond bimbo who is jealous: poof. make it realistic. please. if someone takes this into the most bizarre story they come up with, i will follow them and spam them with likes.
Let us take into account that Anna almost died because she thought Hans was the boy of her dreams.

excuse me while i find a way to update my other story..

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