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People who have never seen my other story probably think i have bad grammar. However, I don't, because spelling is words, and this happens to be capitalization. Do you really want to see a badly spelt story? They're so annoying, you have no idea what they mean and it's so unclean it makes me want to barf looking at it. (If I look at trash for example wet tissue paper, i'll start gagging). Example

i fix meh mascera an appli meh lipstic. "leah ill pick u up t 5" i tex meh bff. "ok i get readi for parti" "se u" i repli an get readi onc again.

This was a random scene I made up heh

People don't take the time to go over their story and REVISE AND EDIT. It's like you just made a new account and threw a horrible chapter together, then you were expecting a million reads in one day and you published it with no punctuation, spelling sense, and capitalization. That bad. It's horrible.

Greetings from future xUniversal, I am here to tell you that the chapters ahead are cringe and should be avoided, have fun

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