51|| Text Talk

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"Hai frnd" i said. "Lol how r u doing!!!! ^_^" "Good" I said. O look its felicia the mean girl in school
"Hai felicia" i said. "O hai noob" she said. why is she so mean!!?!?!!?!!?!!?!!!???!!?!!!!??!!!??!!??


You DON'T USE TEXT LANGUAGE IN YOUR STORIES! (Unless it's a texting story or it has a text message in the story)

It makes your stories look like a little girl tried to write it just saying

If you talk like that in real life then that's just WEIRD and CREEPY
I mean I say Lol sometimes but I don't go to places and say "Hai how r u" when I write my essays and I never will

Heck, I don't even TEXT MY FRIENDS like that

Wolf_Vos_Normandy thank you for the request, but sorry it's a bit short... I literally just woke up

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