41||protective fathers

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Sorry for the wait my parents kicked me out of our hotel room and made me delete most of the chapter D=
Why are the fathers always protective in stories (mostly fanfics)

Like seriously anything she wants to do is too dangerous and treacherous for her to do because she's a little girl

"Hey dad, can I go with our 10,000 security guards to take out the trash?"


Like what will happen, will she get kidnapped by One Direction? *winks*

And she already has a protective boyfriend who won't let her talk to a friend who is a boy *coughs*
Insanity Defense (but it was a disease)

I mean when she's 75 and she needs to get up from bed her 100 year old dad will be like "LET ME HELP YOU" she can't even wear knee low dresses without her father getting worked up


As if he can walk >:D

When has there ever been a laid back father in a story lol (if there even is one)

Eagle_Aquario I will dedicate this to you once I go back from vacation and if I left anything out there tell me

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