38||the worst story ive ever written

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This is the worst story I've written, complete with horrible punctuation and capitalization skills. Add in some cliché and horrible moments too.
oh its my fish again, pretending to be an alarm clock!!!!!!!!!!

omg alarm clock shut up i want to sleep i say and get out of bed

i only have five minutes to get ready, so i will perm my hair and find something to wear. hmm, what to wear???????

i decide to wear a strippers dress with ten inch stilettos.

i slowly curl my blonde locks that reach down to my shoulders.

what makeup should i wear i ask myself

i should go for the natural look
i get turquoise eyeshadow and smear it around my eyes and purple lipstick and smear it on my lips too.

im ready for school!!!!!!!!

i stumble down the stairs to meet my abusive mother shes an alcoholic and hits me when shes drunk ;-;

come here yah little brat she yells and throws her now empty tequila bottle at my leg it breaks and my leg seems to be okay

just that its hanging off only one ligament but i can manage

brat you look like youre going to stay home to change my mom screams and i rush up the stairs and bring out my school clothing, a corset that shows my mid region

and 20 inch pumps with diamonds engraved in them

oh also im rich

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