13/Lead Me Out of the Dark

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 My legs burn as I run through the basement. I reach the safe room and slam the door shut. I turn around and sit on the wooden table. 

 "I'm okay, I'm okay," I say to myself. 

 "But I'm not." I turn around and see Emily standing there. All of a sudden she lets out a blood curdling scream. Some invisible force pushes on her left eye. Her screams increase when something goes through her eye. Leaving a bloody, empty socket. Her screams echo throughout the room. I run out of the room and up the basement stairs. I collide with someone and we both fall to the ground. It's Chris. A tall monster picks him up and pulls on his head and neck until his headless body falls to the ground, and the floor is covered in blood. 

 I shoot up from bed, sweat covering my face. I let out a sigh, it was just a dream. I reach for my phone.

 "Hello?" I hear Chris say. He sounds tired.

 "C-Chris?" I whisper.

 "Hey, what's wrong?" He sounds more awake now. 

 "Nightmare," I say, my voice cracking. 

 "Do you want me to come over?" 

 "If you want to." 

 "I'm on my way." After a couple minutes I hear a knock on my window. 

 "Chris? Why the hell are you at my window?" 

 "Can you just let me in before I fall off this tree?" I open my window and help him in. 

 "Why didn't you just knock on the front door?" 

 "I was allowed to?! I thought your parents would let friends over at a certain time." 

 "Right now they're all about what makes me feel the most safe, and if that's having a friend over then they're all for it. They knew that you were coming over," I explain 

 "Then I will remember that next time I'm thinking about sneaking through your window." 

 "So do you want to talk about that nightmare you had?" Chris asks. 

 "I guess," I say sitting down on my bed. Chris walks over and sits next to me. 

 "What happened?" He asks putting his arm around me. 

 "I was running from something. I ran into the basement of the lodge, and then I saw Emily. H-her eye exploded, and then I-I saw you." 


 "Yeah. There was a Wendigo behind you, it-it killed you. Then I woke up," I say before starting to cry.

 "It was just a dream. Nothing's gonna happen to me, I'm okay," he comforts. 

 "But Emily isn't," I sob. 

 "That isn't your fault."

 "I know, but I just can't get that image of her body out of my mind," I say. 

 "I can't either. One day we will." I'm about to say something when my door swings open. My mom walks in. 

 "Yes?" I ask.

 "I-it's Josh," my mom says. 

 "What do you mean." 

 "They found him in the mines. He's still alive." 

A/N-  Song chapter was based off of- Lead Me Out of the Dark by Crown the Empire. Sorry about the shortness of this chapter. Wednesdays are kind of crazy for me, but I really wanted to update so I wrote a shorter chapter. I'll update again tomorrow. Thanks for reading -floating_fangirl

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