12/Taxi Cab

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I sit alone in the room. Nothing but two chairs and a table are inside. A police officer walks in and hands me a paper cup filled with water. 

 "Listen, I know that talking to me is probably the last thing you want to do right now, but I need you to answer some questions. Just so we can get an idea of what happened last night," she tells me. 

 "It started out pretty normal, then it all went to hell," I say. 

 "Can you be more specific?" 

 "There were these...monsters. They're called Wendigo. They attacked us," I explain.

 "One of the people at the mountain, had a bullet through her eye. Do you know what happened?" 

 "Yes. S-She was bitten by one of the Wendigo, we didn't know if she was infected and would turn into one of them or not. So someone shot her." 

 "Who shot her?" 


 "Two other bodies were found. Mike and Ashley, they were found in the lodge after the fire was put out. 

 "Are you sure it was them? They could have gotten out before the fire started."

 "Yes. I'm sorry for your loss." 

 "W-who survived?" 

 "Jessica, Matt, Chris, and Sam are in the station answering questions."

 "What about Josh?"

 "He still hasn't been found yet." 

 "Check the mines." 

 "Why, what's in the mines?" 

 "Hell. Can I please go now? I want to see my friends." 

 "Yes, we might ask you to come back here later to answer some more questions though." I stand up and walk out of the room. Standing in a group is Jess, Matt, Chris, and Sam. 

 "Cara!" Jess says happily walking over to me. She looks awful. I give her a hug. 

 "I'm so happy you're okay, when they told me you made it, I wasn't sure. I guess I had to see it to believe it," she says. 

 "I'm so sorry about Mike," I tell her. 

 "Do you think it was painful?" 

 "I don't think so, the explosion was pretty big."

 "Good. H-he doesn't deserve to be in pain." Chris walks over to me and wraps his arms around me. 

 "You okay?" He asks.

 "Y-yeah, for the current situation." 

 "What did the officer ask you about?" 

 "What attacked us, and what happened with the people who didn't.....make it out." 

 "This is so fucking crazy," he sighs.

 "Do you think they'll find Josh?" I ask. 

 "I'm not sure. I really hope so." 

 "He has to be alive, he just has to be. I don't think I can handle another death."

 "Everything will be okay. We'll get through this," he says kissing the top of my head. 

 "What if I don't?" 

 "You will. I promise," he says before tilting my head up and lightly kisses me. 

 "Caroline Harris?" I hear one of the police officers say. 


 "Your parents are here to take you home." I nod. Chris catches my hand as I begin to walk away.

 "Call me if you need to, even if it's the middle of the night, okay?" 

 "Yeah, okay," I smile. I walk to the front of the police station and see my mom and dad standing there with worried looks on their faces. I run over to them and immediately hug my mom. I begin to cry. 

 "The police told us about what happened to your friends, they wouldn't go into much detail. I'm so sorry you had to go through that baby. What can we get you to make you feel better," my mom rambles. She's never been good with dealing with this kind of stuff. 

 "I just want to go home, maybe sleep for a couple hours," I say. 

 "Alright, anything you want." I walk with them to our car. The engine starts and we start to drive back to our house. I hear a small beep go off from my phone. 

 Get home safe. Call me when you want to talk. I'm going home soon. I won't be able to talk until I get home. I'll text you once I get there -Chris 

 A small smile creeps onto my face. Just knowing he's okay makes this whole shitty situation slightly better. It feels like a small part of my broken brain is slightly normal. 

A/N- Song chapter was based off of- Taxi Cab by Twenty One Pilots. Sorry I'm posting this chapter kind of late, I've been really busy today. I might most tomorrow's chapter on the later side as well, but I'm still posting daily. Thanks for reading, and thanks for 200 reads!!!!!! -floating_fangirl

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