18/The End.

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"Cara, can you go through the boxes that's in the baby's room? We need to get everything cleared out before we go shopping for it," Chris asks.

"Yeah sure. You already got your stuff out?" He nods. I walk up to the room. It's right by Beths. It's not super small, it will fit a crib and other furniture, and it's big enough for a regular bed. Inside there are a stack of about ten boxes with my name written on them. It's basically everything from my old bedroom that I didn't know where to put in the house. I open the one on the top. I see a red photo album with a picture of Beth and I from eighth grade on the cover. Across the bottom are letters that spell Summer Vacation 2011

I flip open the cover and see a picture from the day I met Chris at Josh's house. Josh, Chris, and I are all sitting on the floor with controllers in our hands, behind us Matt, Mike, and Emily are sitting on the couch. We all look so happy. I turn the page again and see a picture of Ashley and I standing in line at a bookstore for the midnight release of The Death Cure. On the next page there's a picture of Chris and I playing Portal 2 at Josh's house. I smile at the memories flashing through my mind. I loved making scrapbooks during middle and high school. I never wanted to forget anything. I always had one of those cheap cameras with me at all times.

I put the photo album back in the box and set it behind me. The next box is filled with old video games and my Xbox 360. I make a mental note to set that up downstairs when I get the chance. The box below that is filled to the top with theatre stuff from 3rd grade to 10th. I don't spend too much time going through that one just because there's so much stuff it would take forever to put back. There's a box filled with books, and one filled with awards and other school related stuff. The one on the very bottom causes tears to form in my eyes. It's labeled Washington Winter Getaways

I open the top and first see the key to the cabin that Josh had made for me. The box is filled with random pictures. The first one I pull out is one of Hannah and Beth playing a card game. The back of it says 2011. I find ones from all the years we went up until 2014, the year the twins went missing. I only have stuff leading up to that day. For the first year Hannah, Beth, and Josh's mom came with us to the mountain. The first year that we were all by ourselves was kaotic. I had to make dinner basically every night since I was really the only one who knew how to cook. Josh had somehow found a way to bring a case of beer up there. That was the first time I had ever drank.

I find a picture I secretly took of Chris from 2013. I smile at that. I even see a picture from the day of the prank. It's of everyone sitting in the living room playing a card game. Everyone's laughing. They all look so happy. They all look so young.

"What did you find?" I hear from behind me. Chris sits next to me on the floor,

"Look for yourself," I say handing Chris the picture.

"Wow. I didn't know we had these," he says.

"I know, there's a lot," I tell him. He picks up the one I took of him and laughs.

"I don't remember you taking this."

"That's because I didn't tell you," I say quietly.

"I look so different in these."

"I know. We all do," I sigh.

"I should call Josh and have him look through these before we put this box away in the attic."

"We're not putting this in the attic. I'll find a place to put it, just not the attic. I want to be able to look at it a lot."

"Alright," Chris says kissing the top of my head.

"I can't believe how long it's been since we went up to that mountain. I miss everyone."

"We had really good friends."

"Do you think we could call Sam and maybe Jess? I know Matt's busy playing football. I just really want to see them again, it's been so long."

"Yeah, I miss them too."

I lean into Chris. He used to tell me about this thing called the butterfly effect. It's this theory of how one tiny thing could affect something major. Maybe it's true. Maybe if I just wore a different shirt to the mountain that day, Emily wouldn't have gotten shot. Maybe I wouldn't be with Chris. He used to overthink everything because of this. He would talk about how if he did something different people would still be alive. Maybe that is true. Maybe not. Life has a lot of Maybes that can't be answered. It can kill you inside not knowing, but sometimes you're better off. Maybe one day I won't wake up from a nightmare. Maybe life isn't perfect, but in the end I'm alright.

I'm alright.

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