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"Make sure to be social," My mom says as we pull up to my cousins house.

"Okay," I say grabbing my backpack from the backseat.

"I'll text you when I need to be picked up." I walk up to the front door.

"Caroline!" Hannah greets.

"She goes by Cara now doofus," Beth corrects.

"Where's your brother at?"

"He's in the living room with some of his friends, there's a really cute guy named Mike," Hannah tells me. I laugh and walk into the large room. Surprisingly my attention doesn't go to the "hot" guy sitting next to a black haired girl, it does to a blonde holding a XBox controller.

"Hey, you made it!" Josh says once he notices me.

"Hey bro," I laugh as we fist bump.

"Let me introduce you to everyone, this is Mike, Emily, Matt, Sam, and Chris."

"Hi, I'm Cara."

"Hannah and Beth are having two other people over, Ashley and Jessica. They're not really the nerd type, wanna hang out with us?"

"Sure," I say taking a controller from blonde who Josh said was Chris.

"FYI, I'm not a nerd," Emily says.

"Says the girl with a 4.0," Mike laughs.

"What're we playing?" I ask sitting down next to Josh on the floor.

"Halo," Chris tells me.

"I'm about to own you fuckers so hard!"

"Damn, for an 8th grader you got quite the mouth," Josh laughs.

"Shut up, you're only a year older then me!"

"Emily, Mike, and Matt are in your grade. Sam and Chris are in mine," Josh explains.

"Sweet, now let's play some Halo!"


"I'm just saying, they need to make a Maze Runner movie ," I say.

"That's BS, all movie adaptations suck!" Chris says back.

"Not true!"

"Yes it is!"

"What about the Shining?" Chris lets out a laugh.

"It was a good movie!" I say.

"But nothing like the book."

"Okay how about you shut up?" I say shoving him over.

"Hey, when you two are done with your nerd debate. We have a game to play," Josh says waving a controller around.

"Patience Washington, I'm talking," Chris says.

"Why don't you two just go to the bone zone already?" Josh groans.

"Bone zone?"

"It's cool right? It's like a code way of saying bang," Josh tells us.

"That's never gonna stick," Chris laughs.

"It sounds like something from the Twilight Zone." Chris does a really shitty Twilight Zone impression that causes me to laugh. Chris give me a smile, he looks really cute when he does that.


"Hey Cara, you're friends are here."

"How you doing?" Ashley asks. I shrug.

"You've been out of school for two days. Just because a band broke up, get yourself together," Emily says, sounding annoyed to be dealing with me.

"It's not just a band...It's an idea."


"This weekend is gonna be awesome!" I say as Beth helps me pack.

"You have to ask Chris out," she says randomly.

"Why is that?"

"Because, you like him. He might like you back. Also he's gonna be a senior next year which means he'll be really busy to spend his time focusing on crushes," Beth explains.

"What about Ashley," I mutter, putting a shirt into my suitcase.

"Just forget about her. You need to swoop in for the kill before Ash beats you to it."

"I don't know.."

"C'mon just think about it. You and Chris, cuddling by the fire. A perfect romantic setting, all your dreams a reality."

"I mean-"

"Do it! Do it as soon as possible!"

"I really don't know Beth-"

"Everything will be fine, unless you don't ask him out. Trust me, you need to!"

"Okay fine," I say giving in.

"Yes! Chrisa will be real!"


"it's your ship name."

"Oh right." Maybe this will turn out alright, maybe he does feel the same way.


Hi, this is Chris. I'm not able to answer the call right now, leave a message and I'll call you back. I hit the end button. That's the third time I've called him this week. I really thought that he cared about me after our conversation that night at the lodge. Guess not.

"I'm such an idiot," I whisper before letting a few tears fall from my eyes. Maybe he did care about me once apon a time, but not anymore. Maybe he never really cared. Maybe it was just my mind tricking me. Maybe I should call someone else. I hear my ringtone go off and my brain thinks it's Chris, but it's just Josh.


"Hey, you need to come over. Like now," he says before hanging up. That was weird. I guess I'll just go over and see what he wants.

A/N- Song chapter was based of of- Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy. I really like this chapter tbh. Thanks for reading and happy Halloween :) -floating_fangirl

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